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Happy Holidays!

So I have to admit, the holiday season isn't so bad this far. I had my doubts, but I've been enjoying the crisp weather, Christmas shopping, putting up decorations, and cozying up in my warm, festive studio. Today my Grandmama sent me some christmas kitchen towels, baked goodies, and a tree topper that added the perfect touch to my sanctuary. My mom came to visit a couple weeks ago to celebrate my birthday early, and it was THE best visit ever. It rained all weekend, but we had a blast anyway. When I got home from work she had my Christmas tree set up, presents underneath, and a stocked fridge! She gave me a really cool ipod speaker system so that I can play music throughout the room, and some new flannel sheets! We ordered CPK and had a relaxing night in, watching tv. Saturday we got up early and painted one of my walls a very calming, light brown color. It is very warm and inviting! We also went to Best Buy to get me a new tv because mine was on it's last leg. O


I love driving around late at night through the fog. Shielded by the misty sky, I am the only person awake; the only car on the road, safe from all the worries of the day. I move in slow motion through the quaint little town, driving past murky buildings and faint lights. There is peace in the quiet night and comfort in my cozy warm car. The fog acts as a pillow, where San Luis Obispo will rest for the night, hidden among the feathery clouds and closed off to the outside world.

Quaint Cottage

ok so I finally got around to posting some pictures of my studio for those of you who haven't seen it and want to know how I live :)

Sweet November

So I've been trying to decide what to do with my usual. I have a great job, but every day I come up with another reason why it is not for me. Yesterday we had a science poster session after work so that all the chemists could share their research posters from their trip to Wisconsin. First of all, they were ugly because it was just 8x11 sheets of paper pinned up in order. The main reason to take interest in a poster is the pictures right? Yes. I had no pictures to look at so I decided to try to read them. It was impossible. I felt like I was reading a different language, or English with a very heavy chinese accent. Anyway, as I was staring absently at the posters, a coworker asked how much chemistry I had taken in college. I told him I was a chemistry major, and he goes "oh cool, so you've seen all this before." HA! Yeah right. Apparently I haven't' had enough chemistry classes. So, I felt really dumb, and I hung out with the finance and admin people


Smile for: a new haircut Nine West boots a clean house red potatoes The Bachelor (and Grey's Anatomy, Lost, 6 Degrees...etc - I am a loser) spooning Tim in a german hat, smoking a cigar, while double fisting pints of beer. napping after work decorating for Halloweener lightning! Helya on Friday! Rach and Kara in two weeks! dancing to reggae Mr. 619 face caresses costco my mariner Frown for: TMJ TMJ medicine that gives me chronic heartburn working being cold dirty dishes laundromats waking up early belly aches heart ache missing my mama losing earrings lack of stores that sell quaint undies in SLO earthquakes in Hawaii scaring my Heatherbug bills not enough bills Bills Yearn for: a massage hot springs Avila Barn my lovelies making out Skyy Melon vacation days golden trees wireless internet


People have the right to fly And will when it gets compromised Their hearts say "Move along" Their minds say "Gotcha heart" Let's move it along And airports, see it all the time Where someone's last goodbye Blends in with someone's sigh Cause someone's coming home In hand, a single rose That's the way this wheel keeps working now That's the way this wheel keeps working now And I won't be the last No I won't be the last, to love her You can't build a house of leaves And live like it's an evergreen It's just a season thing It's just this thing that seasons do And that's the way this wheel keeps working now That's the way this wheel keeps working now And you won't be the first No you won't be the first, to love me You can find me, if you ever want to give I'll be around the bend I'll be around the bend I'll be around, I'll be around And if you never stop when you wave goodbye You


I was going through some old posts on my other blog and wanted to see what my life was like a year ago today. I was very sad then because my grandma Ladonna passed away. I remember feeling empty and speechless. I cried a lot and wished I had one more day with my beloved grandmother. Since she passed, I think about her often and imagine her telling me how proud she is and how she can't wait to give me a big hug. Her laugh echoes, and I know her spirit is always there, trying to protect me from harm and sadness. My family remembers her lovely life, and all of the wonderful things she did for everyone. We always say, 'Ladonna would LOVE this'. I miss her terribly. I miss her beautiful handwriting in the letters she'd send. I miss the softness of her sweater against my cheek as we'd hug. I miss her making green 7up on St. Patrick's day. I miss spending part of the holidays with her and making fun of my grandpa together. I miss sending her pictures and telling her a

Missing my summer heart

Tim and I ended the summer with a bang. Disneyland was a spontaneous trip as we left town Friday at midnight, arrived in Anaheim at 4am, slept in our king sized pillowtop hotelroom bed, and spent all of Saturday enjoying being kids again. Space Mountain was our favorite, but Thunder Mountain was a classic thrill. I hadn't been to Dland in at least 8 years, so it was nice to experience it again with my lovey. Our next adventure was to Lake Tahoe to visit my dad during memorial day weekend. Tim had never been there before, and since I was born there, I figured it would be nice to show him around somewhere so beautiful and so familiar to me. We spent the night at my aunt's house in South Lake Tahoe the first night, and met up with my dad in Gardnerville the following day and took a little road trip to Reno to pick up my brother. Tim was able to witness all of the awesomeness that the Carson Valley and Reno have to offer. The next day we went hiking up near Kirkwood, to Winnemucca

Life's waiting to begin...

I am lonely. By the end of next weekend, nearly every single friend I have made in college will be gone. It is a very very sad thought, but I know it is just life. Unfortunately for me, my dear friends are not only departing from their college experiences, but they are leaving their lovely, safe, exciting, nurturing home of 5+ years. They will all travel to wherever their sparkling new career takes them, and by this time next year, we could all be very different people. I thought I was lucky to get a job in SLO, so that I could still be with my best friends and call this beautiful place, "home", but now I am not 100% sold. On one hand, I am so thrilled that I get to be near my Tim while he finishes school. He is my world and I am 438438754 times more happy when he is around. Also, I found a decent paying job that will build my resume, and helloooo I get to live in San Luis Obispo! Then my mind wanders to a more pessimistic outlook...why can't I move away and go on a big

Well Hello There!

After over a month without an update, I FINALLY have some time to write a little bit. SO much has happened since May. I went to Jillian's Bridal Shower in Vacaville with my super cool convertible rent-a-car. A bunch of friends and I helped Tim celebrate his 24th birthday at Tsurugi. Everyone and their mom graduated (congrats Helya, Rachel, Jess, Sara, Reza, Mike, Heather, Ryan, Lazy, and whoever else I am forgetting, sorry, there were just SO many!). It was a great weekend celebrating everyone and seeing their families. My only real vacation this summer was when I went to Cabo for Heather's AMAZING wedding week. It was probably one of the most loving, luxurious, beautiful, exciting, and memorable events I have ever witnessed! We stayed in a beachfront house with a pool, and all the food and alcohol we could ever want - for free- all week long. The wedding included tiki torches, pink and orange lanterns, fireworks, fajitas, and a giant pool party! YAY for Heather and Ryan!! Th

New Life!

Hi, my name is Jaime Rogers and I am the new Analytical Research Assistant in San Luis Obispo.

You Could be Happy

You could be happy, and I won't know. But you weren't happy the day I watched you go. And all the things that I wish I had not said, Are played on lips 'till it's madness in my head. Is it too late to remind you how we were, But not our last days of silence, screaming, blur. Most of what I remember makes me sure I should have stopped you from walking out the door. You could be happy, I hope you are. You've made me happier than I've been by far. Somehow everything I own smells of you. And for the tiniest moment, it's all not true. Do the things you that you always wanted to. Without me there to hold you back Don't think, just do. More than anything I want to see you go, Take a glorious bite out of the whole world. ~SNOW PATROL

Senior Project

It is official. I turned in my senior project today! It only took me 1.6 quarters after I graduated to finish it..haha. Oh well, it's done! YAY! Now, I can get my incompletes fixed (right RS?), and my DIPLOMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's celebrate.

"She's Pretty Great"

I like sushi. Well, kinda. I went out with some friends and actually tried it, and yes, they were proud. The first roll I had was the Ninja (heeyah!) and I put the entire thing in my mouth as instructed, and blech! it was sickening. The seaweed-wrapped mound was NOT good, so on the next one, I took off the seaweed and ate the insides with a fork. It was delicious!!!!!!! Then, I had a Crunchy Roll. This one was better because it wasn't wrapped with seaweed, but it was huge, so when I put it all in my mouth, I couldn't even breathe, chew, swallow, nothing! I tried another one, this time cutting it in half, and it was much much much better. Finally, I had another similar roll without seaweed again and it was quite nice....with a fork. Overall, the highlight of the night was the edamame and my dear soda. I would definitely go again as long as I can use a fork, and you don't make me eat a whole piece at once. I have been job hunting because EAS isn't paying the bills. I dec


Sometimes I wish I was an idiot. Life would be so much easier. I could just go to college to meet my husband, get married, go shopping, cook, decorate, and have babies. No wonder women decide to give up a career for a's a lot less stressful, and you can do whatever you want all day long. Okay maybe that's not all it's cracked up to be, but it sounds better than making chemical solutions or wearing goggles. I am all for equal treatment of the sexes, and I'm smart, so you're probably thinking, "feminism!! make a change! Show them what you can do!" BUT it's really hard trying to find a job with a chemistry degree when I don't even want to work in a lab. Nevertheless, the companies I am applying to are amazing but so what? I'm going to be in a lab, testing stuff on machines for the rest of my life. LAME and BORING. THIS is why I wanted to do science journalism, so I could travel somewhere new, write about interesting phenomena, meet oth

Smalls, Inc.

Check out my new web site. It has photos, blog, music, links, and more! I will still keep this blog because that one doesn't allow commenting. It's just a start, but I'll keep updating it. Enjoy! Smalls, Inc.

Not Bored for Long!

I haven't written anything lately because my life has been DULL. It's about to get wild though, so get ready for some exciting stories. Besides being a brunette, the only thing that is different in my life is that I finished my senior project (besides making edits for RS and printing it out), and well, that's all that is different. Lame. I'm supposed to hear back from Kent State in 2 weeks, but I am not so sure I even want to go anymore. RS said "if you really want to do Science Journalism, don't let NYU or BU tell you that you can't." But how would I do it without being accepted to a program? The only other program is at MIT and I sure as hell won't get in there. I found some "environmental writing" programs at schools like Missouri, Wisconsin, and Michigan, which sounds easier and still interesting, but I'd still have to wait another year to what do I do until then? I 'm too poor to sit around and wait for application

New Hair!

I got my hair done Wednesday night! I really like it!! It's really dark, but that's what I wanted so yay! Now, I just need to get a little color back in my face. I've been really sick for the past couple of days, and I'm finally starting to feel a little bit better. I've pretty much been horizontal for 48 hours. Yuck. In other news, I found out today I got rejected by Boston University. I knew it was coming, so whatever. So far I've been rejected from 3/4 schools I've applied to. I feel like I wasted a lot of time and money on those stupid schools. ROAR! I'm an idiot. The last one I'm waiting for is Kent State for an MS in Chemistry, so even if I get in (odds are I won't) I don't know if i want to go and do chemistry. So, I dunno really what's going to happen. I guess I should start looking for jobs, or maybe going to get my teaching credential. Anyway, I'm off to eat for the first time today...I've probably lost 5 pounds from b

Something Worse...

Believe it or not, there is actually something worse than stanky coffee breath. As most of you probably already know, I did not get into NYU. =( Their letter even said, "We cannot believe you applied here, what were you thinking? Idiot." Just kidding, they didn't say that, but I am really disapointed that I didn't get in. Luckily, I was on my way to San Diego when I found out so I had a nice weekend to get my mind elsewhere. Poo on NYU. Rejection sucks. But hey, my mom and my aunt are going to take me on vacation to New York this summer. WOOT! I'm still waiting to hear back from Boston University and Kent State. I doubt I'll get into Boston, but Kent is possible...but I'm not even sure if I want to go there. Ugg I wish I was a trust fund baby and I could just go shoe shopping all day. On a lighter note, I had a blast in San Diego with Tim this weekend. We left SLO at 11 on Friday morning and didn't get to San Diego until 830!!! Damn rain and lame la

Nothing Worse

There's nothing worse than coffee breath. EWW! I drank two hazelnut mocha's this morning and now my mouth tastes like shit. I am afraid for those who have to talk to me (stay away!). I can't wait to go home and brush my teeth. SHIT! My toothbrush is still in Atascadero! Okay, new rule: There's nothing worse than having bad coffee breath and no toothbrush. :( There's nothing better than a big, juicy In and Out cheeseburger (purchased from a DRIVE THRU!!!!). I had the luxury of enjoying one last night while I was up in Atascadero housesitting. I devoured that sucker. I plan on having another one sometime this weekend. BTW, T-5 days until I hear from NYU. (I'm not getting in.) Failure to Launch tomorrow! Can't wait. So excited. MM and SJP rock my world. (Especially combined with a bit of Helya and Rachel) P.S. Don't use this new (worthless) blog as an excuse not to respond to my last one--it is more important. Do it! Peace out Nucca.

Change your hair, change your life?

I'm thinking of dying my hair dark brown (via Carlos). I just feel like I need a change. My hair is so boring and I always have it the same way. It's really annoying that I've looked exactly the same in every picture for the past 5 years. On one hand, I do think it looks good light and blonde, but on the other hand, I always have it light, so maybe a change will be refreshing and exciting (and hot)? Some people say they liked when my hair was dark (when I dyed it myself a couple years ago), and I liked it too, but then others tell me they only like it blonde. ROAR! I need some more opinions. I am not afraid to change it, in fact, I love taking risks, but I just want to make sure I' ll still have friends. :) Some pictures of me with d arker hair--for your voting p leasure.

The Space Between

I LOVE TIM. I also love Dave Matthews. I wish I wrote this song. Does anyone know if it's possible to link to a song from this blog so that people can hear it as they read this? If not, go to MYSPACE and listen... You cannot quit me so quickly There's no hope in you for me No corner you could squeeze me But I got all the time for you, love The Space Between The tears we cry Is the laughter keeps us coming back for more The Space Between The wicked lies we tell And hope to keep safe from the pain But will I hold you again? These fickle, fuddled words confuse me Like 'Will it rain today?' Waste the hours with talking, talking These twisted games we're playing We're strange allies With warring hearts What wild-eyed beast you be The Space Between The wicked lies we tell And hope to keep safe from the pain Will I hold you again? Will I hold... Look at us spinning out in The madness of a roller coaster You know you went off

"Don't wake me...

...I plan on sleeping in." I think The Postal Service wrote that song just for me. I love to sleep. Today (Wednesday) was the first day since Friday that I've had to be up early for work. So, all weekend I've enjoyed harmonious sleep. "Sleeping in" to me requires that I sleep past 9:00, but usually when I have the opportunity, I sleep as late as possible. Saturday I slept in til 11, Sunday till noon, and Monday till 1. Notice a trend? :) I love my life. Monday was amazing because I didn't have work (thank you Mr. President) so I stayed in my pajamas all day watching Nip/Tuck season 1, playing on my new ibook, and eating yummy food with Timo. He surprised me with these really pretty earrings that I told him I liked in a magazine a few weeks ago. It's thoughtful things like this that make me like him so much. For Valentines Day he had me over to his house, and he answered the door d ressed up in a shirt and tie, with candles lit all over his apartment. He

Aye Dios Mio!

Above all, mind what you say. "Behold how much wood is kindled by how small a fire, and the tongue is a fire" - that's the truth. I made the mistake of overeacting to a situation that was really not a big deal. There were some valid reasons for me to be upset, but overall, I turned something simple into a huge, huge, embarrasing, unnecessary battle. I don't think I've ever been a true bitch to someone who I met for the first time before last night. Again, there were plenty of reasons for me to be bitchy, but my personality rarely includes actually becoming a bitch to new people outloud. (I say new people, because my friends all know I definitely know how to be bitchy). Also, I don't think I've ever been in such a crazy, pointless yelling match with a boyfriend. It really sucks, and I really don't like drama. My mom even said tonight, "this is what you were afraid of: relationships with drama." Yuck. I usually try to stay away from drama th

I am a Believer

There are really no words to convey my experience seeing the Coldplay concert with Rachel last week, but it was " amazingextrodinaryincrediblesexysensationalastoundingbreathtaking" ;) First of all, our seats were FABULOUS. I think my eyes popped out of my head and I had to catch my breath when we found out how close we were. We could see that Chris Martin's black pants weren't the same shade of black as his shirt (shame on him), and we could see the sweat dripping off his face, and we knew the guitarist was married because we could see his wedding ring. Pinch me, because I think I am dreaming! The entire concert was a big exciting blur, partly because I was pretty much in shock the entire time--I mean come on, COLDPLAY , my favorite band of all time, was 20 feet in front of me--all I could do was sing and scream and jump up and down and dance and squeeze Rachel! But also, we were second hand high, which did not help my memory of what songs had been played. I do

I HATE the Dentist!

I am NEVER going to the dentist again. Today I got my first cavity filled, and it was the worst experience of my entire life. I'm not even kidding. First of all, I've never had this done before, so I expected a little more explanation of what was going to happen, but all I got was a big needle stuck in the back of my mouth. Lovely. It was the most painful thing I have ever felt. So, the dentist leaves the room saying it will take a few minutes to kick in. Thirty seconds later, I break into a sweat, get dizzy, and my left eye goes blurry. The next thing I know, I am slouched down in the chair trying to regain consciousness before the dentist comes back. I wipe off my brow, and pretend to read a magazine. He comes in to see if I am numb enough, and as luck would have it, I am not. He sticks the needle back in my mouth for round two, and oww! Asshole. This time I don't pass out, but now my entire face is numb, I want to cry, and the assistant is trying to talk to me, but all I


Why did I decide to embarrass myself and post incredibly lousy pictures of myself (and my friends-hahahaha suckers!*) for everyone to see? In hopes of making you laugh, of course!! These ten photos are the the ugliest, weirdest, and most freakish pictures you will ever come across on this blog. Now you can see a part of me that I usually like to keep locked away in the depths of My Documents. Enjoy, giggle, make fun of me, but please, I beg you, don't stop being my friend (or anyone else pictured here). :) In order of least bad, to delete-NOW-and-empty-the-recycle-bin-HURRY! "Helya, you're beautiful." "Hi, we're relatives of Bozo the Clown, and we're here for the party." "You chopped off my head!" "Don't eat me!" I'm pregnant, and her name is Smirnoff. I don't even know what to write here. Can you see the hangy ball thing? I can. Click to enlarge and die. Be a friend and cut them off.

Best of 2005

I dedicate this post to the best twenty three photos of 2005. Laugh, remember, but most of all...enjoy! (click to enlarge) *Thanks Rachel for helping me decide among our millions!