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Bang Bang

The best part about my parents moving away from my "hometown" of Vacaville is that I get to visit really awesome cities like Seattle! I spent Labor Day weekend in the City of Flowers (how lucky their state flower is the Dahlia! One of my faves!) This was my first trip to the city where I wasn't running from the car to escape the rain, or seeking shelter under storefront awnings, or covering my surgical boot with plastic to protect it from the storm. Seattle looks a lot different out from under an umbrella. And let me tell you that September is the perfect time to visit - I soaked up four rare sunny Seattle days and loved every minute. Another first - a trip out to the shooting range to shoot clays with my fam. I have never even held a shot gun before and had NO idea what I was doing, but with a little practice and some good pointers, I managed to hit 4 or 5 clay targets. The boys were insanely good at shooting and hit almost every single shot - including pairs an