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I love driving around late at night through the fog. Shielded by the misty sky, I am the only person awake; the only car on the road, safe from all the worries of the day. I move in slow motion through the quaint little town, driving past murky buildings and faint lights. There is peace in the quiet night and comfort in my cozy warm car. The fog acts as a pillow, where San Luis Obispo will rest for the night, hidden among the feathery clouds and closed off to the outside world.

Quaint Cottage

ok so I finally got around to posting some pictures of my studio for those of you who haven't seen it and want to know how I live :)

Sweet November

So I've been trying to decide what to do with my usual. I have a great job, but every day I come up with another reason why it is not for me. Yesterday we had a science poster session after work so that all the chemists could share their research posters from their trip to Wisconsin. First of all, they were ugly because it was just 8x11 sheets of paper pinned up in order. The main reason to take interest in a poster is the pictures right? Yes. I had no pictures to look at so I decided to try to read them. It was impossible. I felt like I was reading a different language, or English with a very heavy chinese accent. Anyway, as I was staring absently at the posters, a coworker asked how much chemistry I had taken in college. I told him I was a chemistry major, and he goes "oh cool, so you've seen all this before." HA! Yeah right. Apparently I haven't' had enough chemistry classes. So, I felt really dumb, and I hung out with the finance and admin people