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Missing my summer heart

Tim and I ended the summer with a bang. Disneyland was a spontaneous trip as we left town Friday at midnight, arrived in Anaheim at 4am, slept in our king sized pillowtop hotelroom bed, and spent all of Saturday enjoying being kids again. Space Mountain was our favorite, but Thunder Mountain was a classic thrill. I hadn't been to Dland in at least 8 years, so it was nice to experience it again with my lovey. Our next adventure was to Lake Tahoe to visit my dad during memorial day weekend. Tim had never been there before, and since I was born there, I figured it would be nice to show him around somewhere so beautiful and so familiar to me. We spent the night at my aunt's house in South Lake Tahoe the first night, and met up with my dad in Gardnerville the following day and took a little road trip to Reno to pick up my brother. Tim was able to witness all of the awesomeness that the Carson Valley and Reno have to offer. The next day we went hiking up near Kirkwood, to Winnemucca