Friday, April 23, 2010

Bachelorette Mayhem!

When you think of "bachelorette party" what comes to mind? PENIS?! Yes, that's what I thought! Helya definitely made sure there was plenty of penis around...and what's better than the real thing? Blow up penis and whistling penis of course! *hi mom!


The weekend started out with breakfast and mimosas at Schooner or Later with Helya and Heather.


After a quick drive to San Diego, we were welcomed by the hotel valet and a gorgeous room! Helya picked the best hotel ever because it was next to a MALL! So of course the first thing we did was go walking around the shops while we waited for the other girls to arrive.


Once everyone else arrived we took a shot of vodka and skittles and went swimsuit and champagne shopping!! When we came back, we were surprised by a fruit and cheese plate and our FAVORITE reisling waiting for us in our room! I opened the card and found out that it was from my mom and phil to help us celebrate!!

jaime bachelorette 4-10-10-49

I'd say one of my favorite parts of the weekend was getting ready all together, snapping photos and sipping on champagne. Within minutes there were clothes strewn about, make-up everywhere, curling irons, hair dryers, and LOTS of Aquanet!

jaime bachelorette 4-10-10-58

We made our way down the Gaslamp Quarter to The Shout House, a dualing piano bar, where we had a VIP Bachelorette table all decked out right in front! Best seats in the house! The night started out calm and cool, but soon we were finished with two bottles of champagne and onto our second pitcher of beer!



jaime bachelorette 4-10-10-69

The pianists were AMAZING. They knew EVERY song that was requested - even Lady Gaga! They put on a great show and made the whole night an experience I will never forget. I even had to get on stage a couple of times to play "head, shoulders, boobs, and butt" and I even had to stand up and yell, "You Bitch! You Slut! You Whore!" by myself in front of everyone! haha!



The next morning we got up early to get ready for wine tasting! We picked up sammies at Subway and felt like movie stars as our limo picked us up out front of the hotel. The limo was stocked with wine, MORE champagne, OJ, and water. The hour+ drive was the most fun I have ever had! We listened to fun, girly music, drank mimosas and enjoyed the luxury of being in a limo! We stopped for lunch and then headed to our first winery.



I honestly can't even remember the names of the wineries we went to besides Ponte Winery. Partly because of FRED! But besides yelling "PENIS/DICK/CHODE/PEINER/INSERT WORD OF CHOICE HERE" every time I blew my whistle, the one thing we all said/heard the most was "BABY PONTE!!!!!!!!!!!!" hahaha I am SO glad we got to keep our wine glasses because every time I use it, I am going to yell that.


The ride back to the hotel was even more interesting than the ride there because we were all a few glasses of wine deep! You can see all of the fun we had singing, laughing, and drinking MORE!


jaime bachelorette 4-10-10-36

We were planning on using the hotel hot tub when we got back but it was out of service. The moment we got back to our room, Heather started the bathtub and her and Shannon were in their swimsuits and hot tubbing right there! We all sat in the bathroom and chatted while they soaked and by 9:30 we were all tucked in and most of us fast asleep

Sunday we had a farewell breakfast and went our separate ways. Heather and I stayed with Joanna one last night in Costa Mesa and got to use her REAL hot tub! Wahoo!! It was a fantastic way to end a wonderful weekend.

Thank you Helya for putting together the BEST party ever. I will be forever grateful. And thanks to everyone else who helped Helya plan! AND most of all, thank you Heather, Helya, Joanna, Shannon, and Tylia for spending your entire weekend with ME to celebrate! It means the world to me that you came. You are all my best girlies and I wouldn't be me without you. Your friendship and love inspire me, and I am looking forward to continuing the party in ONE MONTH! xoxo

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Friday, April 02, 2010

Spring is here!

I know I'm a little late, but SPRING IS HERE!!! YAY!! The best part about spring is the FLOWERS. Oh my god our fruit trees have been blooming like crazy. Lots of beautiful white and pink blooms. I love the way the trees wake up in Spring and stretch out their sleepy arms to say, "HELLO! I'M HERE!!"

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