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Bachelorette Mayhem!

When you think of "bachelorette party" what comes to mind? PENIS?! Yes, that's what I thought! Helya definitely made sure there was plenty of penis around...and what's better than the real thing? Blow up penis and whistling penis of course! *hi mom! The weekend started out with breakfast and mimosas at Schooner or Later with Helya and Heather. After a quick drive to San Diego, we were welcomed by the hotel valet and a gorgeous room! Helya picked the best hotel ever because it was next to a MALL! So of course the first thing we did was go walking around the shops while we waited for the other girls to arrive. Once everyone else arrived we took a shot of vodka and skittles and went swimsuit and champagne shopping!! When we came back, we were surprised by a fruit and cheese plate and our FAVORITE reisling waiting for us in our room! I opened the card and found out that it was from my mom and phil to help us celebrate!! I'd say one of my favorite parts of the weekend


My internet is FINALLY back - blogging will resume shortly.....

Spring is here!

I know I'm a little late, but SPRING IS HERE!!! YAY!! The best part about spring is the FLOWERS. Oh my god our fruit trees have been blooming like crazy. Lots of beautiful white and pink blooms. I love the way the trees wake up in Spring and stretch out their sleepy arms to say, "HELLO! I'M HERE!!"