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Once upon a May day

After reading about a half dozen essays about kidnappers, killers, and stalkers, my 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Gmahling, finally told me to try something a bit lighter...poetry... So here it goes... Once upon a May day In the town of Arroyo Grande We passed the time Digging in the dirt and drinking wine We raised an artichoke and some berries too Had a lovely visit with Helya and of course a Moscow Mule Work was hectic and the heat so intense But the snap peas popped and pink peonies made me dance I am stylin' with my anniversary rollerblades Wish I took them to Lake Havasu on memorial day Cousin Heather graduated from high school, a wonderful night Celebrating by the fire with good 'ol grandpa and coors light In the tiny town of cloudy Carmel Two little fairies explored and ate well We loved, laughed, and drove for many miles It was a great month, but poetry isn't really my style.