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"Don't wake me...

...I plan on sleeping in." I think The Postal Service wrote that song just for me. I love to sleep. Today (Wednesday) was the first day since Friday that I've had to be up early for work. So, all weekend I've enjoyed harmonious sleep. "Sleeping in" to me requires that I sleep past 9:00, but usually when I have the opportunity, I sleep as late as possible. Saturday I slept in til 11, Sunday till noon, and Monday till 1. Notice a trend? :) I love my life. Monday was amazing because I didn't have work (thank you Mr. President) so I stayed in my pajamas all day watching Nip/Tuck season 1, playing on my new ibook, and eating yummy food with Timo. He surprised me with these really pretty earrings that I told him I liked in a magazine a few weeks ago. It's thoughtful things like this that make me like him so much. For Valentines Day he had me over to his house, and he answered the door d ressed up in a shirt and tie, with candles lit all over his apartment. He

Aye Dios Mio!

Above all, mind what you say. "Behold how much wood is kindled by how small a fire, and the tongue is a fire" - that's the truth. I made the mistake of overeacting to a situation that was really not a big deal. There were some valid reasons for me to be upset, but overall, I turned something simple into a huge, huge, embarrasing, unnecessary battle. I don't think I've ever been a true bitch to someone who I met for the first time before last night. Again, there were plenty of reasons for me to be bitchy, but my personality rarely includes actually becoming a bitch to new people outloud. (I say new people, because my friends all know I definitely know how to be bitchy). Also, I don't think I've ever been in such a crazy, pointless yelling match with a boyfriend. It really sucks, and I really don't like drama. My mom even said tonight, "this is what you were afraid of: relationships with drama." Yuck. I usually try to stay away from drama th

I am a Believer

There are really no words to convey my experience seeing the Coldplay concert with Rachel last week, but it was " amazingextrodinaryincrediblesexysensationalastoundingbreathtaking" ;) First of all, our seats were FABULOUS. I think my eyes popped out of my head and I had to catch my breath when we found out how close we were. We could see that Chris Martin's black pants weren't the same shade of black as his shirt (shame on him), and we could see the sweat dripping off his face, and we knew the guitarist was married because we could see his wedding ring. Pinch me, because I think I am dreaming! The entire concert was a big exciting blur, partly because I was pretty much in shock the entire time--I mean come on, COLDPLAY , my favorite band of all time, was 20 feet in front of me--all I could do was sing and scream and jump up and down and dance and squeeze Rachel! But also, we were second hand high, which did not help my memory of what songs had been played. I do