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Four Months Until "I Do"!!

January has been a good month for wedding planning. I've checked a lot of things off of my to-do list and still going!! It has been really difficult to make some decisions, but I am trying to keep the mood light and not get too overwhelmed. Thanks to an amazing weekend with my maid of honor, complete with yummy food, a massage and hot tubbing, I am refreshed and ready to get on with planning the details for the day and all of the events leading up to it! We have most of our vendors booked: Venue - Edna Valley Vineyard Caterer - Anacapa BBQ Company Photographer - Applemoon Photography DJ - Brian from AVS Florist - Adornments Baker - Christine's Cake Creations And some other fun things: Picked up Steve's ring! Helya has started planning the Bachelorette Party I got some lovely little flats for dancing at the reception My mom is coming this weekend and we're going to start working on our centerpieces - twine covered wine bottles. You'll have to wait and see the finish

Stormy McStormerson

A huge storm is hitting the central coast this week. But last week we had a storm that brought in such big surf that we could hear the roaring of the waves from our house! Our house that is 7 miles from the shore. SEVEN MILES. Steve usually can't even hear me call his name from our front door to the edge of the driveway. But we could hear WATER from 7 miles away! So at 11pm on Wednesday night we donned our rain gear and drove down to the Pismo Beach pier to see the action for ourselves. Now let me take a moment to explain something about myself. I don't have nightmares very often, but 95% of my nightmares include a body of water, giant waves, and sea creatures all crashing together to form The End of the World! This is probably the reason why I've never been on a cruise, I freak out snorkeling in 3 foot waters, and I swim only in water where I can see my own feet. It could also possibly be the reason why I CRIED while we were at the pier on that Wednesday night. Yes. I

Divine 2009

2009 was quite the year - an engagement, a celebration of The Best Mom on Earth, and the purchase of our first home! These milestones will never be forgotten and 2009 will always be a daydream away if life gets tough. I can only imagine that 2010 will be just as memorable with a PARTY in May and an adventure in Tokyo. Thank you to all of my family and friends who made this year truly special. Life would suck without you and I mean that with all of my heart. Divine 2009 from Jaime Rogers on Vimeo .