Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Eyesore no more!!

We hired a construction company to give our driveway a facelift. The poor driveway was pretty much a dirt road with bits of tar holding it together. We also wanted to expand the parking area so that it would be easier to turn around, and able to fit multiple cars without Steve having to pull up on the grass anytime someone was coming over. The team added a really nice concrete pad around the garage for a work space for Steve, and re-designed the rain water drainage area. The project took a four man crew about 5 days to finish. They did a fantastic job, and I couldn't be happier with the results and I never thought I would be so thrilled about spending money on asphalt and concrete! But hey, that's what being a home owner is all about!! 

Now you can all come visit and we can play foursquare! 

Work in Progress:


Finished Product:

Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Favorites - Beauty Bar

So I was browsing around the Anthropologie website and came across these little wooden make-up brush holders. I loved the simplicity of this idea, but they were charging $34 bucks for this block of wood! I showed Steve and asked if he could make this for me, and he said "of course I can!".

So he did!

And here is my brand new custom make-up brush holder that was practically free. He used a scrap piece of wood he had in the garage, sanded it down and used his drill press to make perfectly sized holes for all of my brushes and accessories. This brush holder makes it so easy to get ready in the morning, not having to dig around a drawer or make-up bag. I love having such a handy hubby!!!

Friday, February 07, 2014

Friday Favorites - Garden Jewel

My dad built this potting bench for Steve and I for Christmas last year. He used different wood scraps to construct the bench and added some lovely details from old picture frames and decorations that he found along the way. My favorite part is the moss that still hangs on to the front panel, and the bit of blue paint leftover from its old life. This rustic bench is not only functional, but it is a piece of art for my patio. I am just counting down the days until Spring when I can start using this bench to pot flowers and liven up the patio once again. 

This garden jewel is famous, too! My dad's neighbor entered a garden contest in their town of Healdsburg. She asked my dad if she could use this potting bench in her garden for the contest, to add some texture and make her space unique. And with this little gem, she won the contest! 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Island Adventure

This year, for our annual girls reunion weekend, we decided to go on an adventure to the Channel Islands, about 20 miles off the shores of Ventura. My girlfriends are like family to me so I always look forward to spending time together, reminiscing about our college days, planning weddings, laughing, crying, celebrating successes, and guzzling champagne over our failures. 

I have to say that visiting Santa Cruz Island together was the perfect getaway. There's nothing quite like taking some time away from regular life to breathe in fresh ocean air, move your body, and explore a new natural place. This trip was especially remarkable because for the very first time I saw gray whales and dolphins with my own eyes in real life! It was the most amazing site to see and photos don't do it any justice!

No one got sick on the boat ride over to the islands! Hooray!

There were about 5 gray whales traveling together to Baja Mexico. We were very lucky to catch them along their journey and they definitely gave us a nice show with water spouts and lots of tail. 

This was the one and only landing dock for our boat. SO TINY! 

Had we not ditched our tour guide, it would have been an hour before we saw this incredible view. Sorry, Carol! 

We saw lots of red foxes playing and running around!

We thought this was sand from far away, but up close we found out it was a form of limestone or calcium carbonate (chalk!) so we used it as a photo op!

These dolphins were amazing. There must have been at least 1500 dolphins surrounding the boat. They loved coming up next to the boat to "race". All I could do was stare in awe at the magic of these lively and joyful creatures as they soared in and out of the water in twos and threes. Pure magic.  

I love you, girls!

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