Wednesday, December 20, 2017


I smiled all day today.

  • Steve rubbed my back and made me delicious coffee. 
  • I woke up wondering if my mom thought it was neat having me as a Christmas gift, then she texted me "Happy Birthday to my best Christmas present ever"
  • The best music came on the radio on the drive to work. 
  • The leaves on the trees looked extra bright yellow. 
  • It RAINED!! 
  • I only worked half day. 
  • I got sweet birthday messages from my best friends and relatives.
  • I got pampered getting a haircut by my friend, sipping on a cappuccino. 
  • I bought myself earrings at the cutest local maker shop. 
  • I talked to my mom and my dad and got the CUTEST voicemail from my grandpa that I will save forever. 
  • Did I say it rained!!?!?!
  • I got a free Starbucks birthday coffee. 
  • I went grocery shopping at my favorite store. 
  • I made dinner while Steve played guitar. 
  • And now chocolate, tea, and a Fred Astaire movie. 
  • And tomorrow we leave for a peaceful, relaxing, calm holiday getaway to Big Sur! WOOT!
35 is off to a great start!!!!
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