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Insanity in a Flash!

Sunday evening I was unloading groceries from the car, when the sound of screeching tires and snapping branches filled the air. I looked up towards the busy country road that runs parallel to our house when a car came plummeting down the embankment into our yard, through the trees, and smack dab head-on into our well tank! I could't believe what I just witnessed - it was like a dream where the pieces don't fit quite right and images are blurred and distorted. My initial reaction was to scream for Steve who was in the garage nearby. I don't recollect what I was screaming but I am sure it was mostly "oh my god!" Steve came out of the garage wearing his earmuffs and couldn't hear a word I was saying. He saw the panic on my face and tore off the ear muffs and somehow I was finally able to blurt out "someone just crashed into the well!!" He ran towards the car to see if they were hurt while I ran into the house to call 911.  Some shots of our wel