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Chicago Top 10 10. chills on Steve's arms during Blonde Redhead 9. the constant surprise of a towering city-scape 8. grumpy sketch artist choosing Stephen and all of his manliness 7. the crazy-eyed Walgreen's lady 6. table re-arrangements and weird audience outbursts at Second City 5. Pizzeria Due (NOT UNO!) - first taste of sangria and boys in the bathroom! 4. abundant flowers smothering the city 3. high-fiving passersby outside of the pub window 2. Edwardo's deep dish artichoke pizza (3 times!) and the number 1 reason I loved Chicago..... 1. dreaming, laughing, and loving for 6 days straight! THREE reasons why Chicago wasn't exactly Paradise: 1. no toilet seat covers in the public restrooms 2. too many smokers! 3. city stench