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How to drink consecutively for two days when you are 30

One of the major perks of bachelorette parties when you are in your late twenties/early thirties is that you can afford to share a hotel room with a reasonable number of people instead of cramming 10 girls into one room. The downside? How the hell am I going to drink two nights in a row with a full day of beer tasting in between? Good question, right?! I can barely drink one glass of wine without passing out. But with a lot of water, some dancing, and late-night pizza, I survived. The first night of Shannon's San Fran bachelorette party, we arrived limo-style to a night club called Asia SF which is known for its tranny entertainment. We divided into teams for an all-night scavenger hunt, having to do embarrassing things like kissing bald men's heads and pinching boys booties. And the highlight - Joanna's flip on the stripper pole to win us some free drinks. Yay. Shannon is a HUGE Giants fan so Saturday was beer-tasting in Giant's t-shirts. We were all given a &