Sunday, November 02, 2014

Local Fun

We played tourist when Steve's parents came to visit at the end of the summer. We fed and pet goats at Avila Barn, ate tacos at a roadside produce stand, and went on a tour of the Point San Luis Lighthouse which I highly recommend! The views on the way up to the lighthouse are spectacular, and the history there surprising. Did you know that during Prohibition, Point San Luis Harbor was a popular location for illegal movement of liquor?

Saturday, November 01, 2014


In August I went to San Francisco to attend the annual music festival, Outside Lands.


  • Not getting kidnapped or murdered by my AirBnB host! My first AirBnB experience was a bit strange being that we were in someone else's personal space, but super neat having that real SF living experience. I'd definitely do it again.
  • Local Natives was even more amazing live than I expected.
  • Got to see and hug my love Kara and the incredible Candace! (Not long enough!)
  • Adventuring with such a fun person like my girl Jenn!
  • Chocolate Zico!
  • Yummy San Fran cuisine and local beer.
  • Using my hippy sacks!

  • Hurting my knee while hunting down Jenn's cell phone.
  • Too many people!!
  • Difficult to get to the festival and even more difficult to get home (too many people!!)
  • Death Cab didn't play Sorrow in my Pinhole :(
  • Being too tired to go to Ikea the next day...

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