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Dwight SPA!

Forget the ranch...   Bring on the spa!     (Yes, a daquiri is the perfect summer spa drink!)   The bathroom is FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (well, close enough). Stay tuned for a fantastically crazy video montage of our incredibly sparkletastic bathroom remodel project! And from this day forward, you can find me.... the tub!

California Sunshine

My cousin recently graduated from UCLA so I hopped in the car and drove down to celebrate his success and enjoy some R&R. We stayed at the Beverly Hilton, a first for me. This place is so stylish and SO L.A. I love my family. There's always lots of good food, yummy drinks ($20 poolside margaritas, yikes!), and lots of laughter.  Brian came out to the pool wearing this "ain't my problem!" t-shirt. I couldn't believe my eyes  because the home-made t-shirt belonged to Steve who wasn't there! Brian said he found the shirt at their house awhile back and thought it was pretty funny. He knew it had to belong to Steve. He was so excited to surprise me by wearing it. This story made Steve's day and he wanted Brian to keep the shirt :) My Grandpa spent his teenage years in LA, so we spent an afternoon driving around to all of his old houses and apartments and the places he used to hang out. 

A Drought Tolerant Garden!

One of the best ways to spend a business trip is with family. I was lucky enough to attend a work conference in Bellevue, just minutes from my parents house! Steve joined and we made it a mini-vacation. A real treat! We visited an amazing art installation downtown, the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibition . This museum boasted rooms and rooms filled with beautiful, hand blown glass and a spectacular garden designed to mirror real plants and trees. I took a glass blowing class in college (probably my all-time favorite class), so I know how difficult it is to twist and turn the glass into something lovely. But, this artist, Dale Chihuly, makes these incredible pieces with ONE EYE! He was in a car accident in the 70's where he lost vision in his left eye. Now that's crazy talent.