Thursday, July 06, 2006

Well Hello There!

After over a month without an update, I FINALLY have some time to write a little bit. SO much has happened since May. I went to Jillian's Bridal Shower in Vacaville with my super cool convertible rent-a-car. A bunch of friends and I helped Tim celebrate his 24th birthday at Tsurugi. Everyone and their mom graduated (congrats Helya, Rachel, Jess, Sara, Reza, Mike, Heather, Ryan, Lazy, and whoever else I am forgetting, sorry, there were just SO many!). It was a great weekend celebrating everyone and seeing their families. My only real vacation this summer was when I went to Cabo for Heather's AMAZING wedding week. It was probably one of the most loving, luxurious, beautiful, exciting, and memorable events I have ever witnessed! We stayed in a beachfront house with a pool, and all the food and alcohol we could ever want - for free- all week long. The wedding included tiki torches, pink and orange lanterns, fireworks, fajitas, and a giant pool party! YAY for Heather and Ryan!!

The biggest life change is my brand new CAREER a week and a half ago. I am a pro Mass Spec user, and an expert-in-training on the NMR. It's been really great learning new things, meeting new people, and drumroll please....sitting at my very own desk with my very own computer. I feel important, and the days go by fast and I receive my first paycheck this week which will make it all worth it! Today I tried pipetting for the first time since my sophomore year in college (~3 years ago), and I spilled all over the place like a big re-re hahahahaha. The only thing I'm insanely qualified for is using the software, clicking around like I know what I'm doing. Otherwise, I just try to look cute and do what I'm told. Really, all I do is wonder how the the general manager got her job sitting in the big office doing paper work and making phone calls all day. I want that job.

I also moved around the corner from my last apartment. My mom came down last weekend to help and she brought along her minions - Philip (or "Phil" as he likes to be called) and his friend Michael (Mike?). My mom is so nice, I need to learn how to be more like her. Anyway, I am now the proud resident of a quaint little studio above a garage in a new residential neighborhood. It has a cute kitchen and a porch with a balcony that makes my heart warm. I LOVE it. Come visit!

Tim and I celebrated our one year anniversary (of meeting ;) last weekend too. He took me to Montana de Oro to eat Tahoe Joe's take out looking over the ocean. It was BEAUTIFUL! Then, we went to Sycamore Mineral Springs and had a romantic evening in the hot tubs! Thanks Timo! You're the best. I love you! Since I had Monday off (whoo hoo), Tim and I BBQd, went to see Nacho Libre, and organized my apartment a bit. For the 4th, we went to Cayucos and watched the fireworks!

Well, I'm spent. I'm sure I am missing something in there, but I am too tired to think about it. Time to crawl under my new sheets and watch my very own TV! I love my life, and I love even more that YOU'RE in it! All of you. xoxo

Upcoming summer events:
  • Brie's wedding - Saturday!
  • Jillian's Bachelorette Party - July 15th - San Francisco
  • Jillian's wedding - July 22nd
  • I live for weekends and Vacation days.
    • I want to go to Disneyland, Tahoe, San Diego, Big Sur, Yosemite
    • Take me?
    • K, Thx.
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