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Well Hello There!

After over a month without an update, I FINALLY have some time to write a little bit. SO much has happened since May. I went to Jillian's Bridal Shower in Vacaville with my super cool convertible rent-a-car. A bunch of friends and I helped Tim celebrate his 24th birthday at Tsurugi. Everyone and their mom graduated (congrats Helya, Rachel, Jess, Sara, Reza, Mike, Heather, Ryan, Lazy, and whoever else I am forgetting, sorry, there were just SO many!). It was a great weekend celebrating everyone and seeing their families. My only real vacation this summer was when I went to Cabo for Heather's AMAZING wedding week. It was probably one of the most loving, luxurious, beautiful, exciting, and memorable events I have ever witnessed! We stayed in a beachfront house with a pool, and all the food and alcohol we could ever want - for free- all week long. The wedding included tiki torches, pink and orange lanterns, fireworks, fajitas, and a giant pool party! YAY for Heather and Ryan!! Th