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One of the more interesting reasons I love San Luis Obispo is for it's unique and curious twists off Highway 101 into the little town. You may think I am strange, but every single time I am driving down 101, I look at each offramp and notice how the freeway disappears into the brush, curves behind a hill, or sometimes even drops into the unknown! Bushes, trees, and flowers line 101, like a great wall, maintaining the secret and locking away the mystery of San Luis Obispo. In other cities, each exit and where it leads is clearly visible. Usually, the freeway is flat and straight and every store, restaurant, gas station, and home is dangling, vulnerable, next to the loud rush of traffic for everyone to see. I always imagine what it's like to be foreign to SLO - wondering what's beyond the patch of pavement, hidden behind the foliage. Perhaps the chosen exit will lead home, to a lover, a friend, to a college education, or maybe a career. Maybe a wrong exit will allow one to di


Well, it's 2007 and I feel fine. I spent the new year watching fireworks over the San Diego bay, after an enjoyable and semi-romantic weekend getaway with Tim. Now it is back to reality, and back to work. Blah. Lucky for me I am going to Hawaii in 17 days! There isn't much else going on in my feel free to call me and spice it up a little. Things I am looking forward to: - wine tasting Sunday with Joanna - wearing my new sweater - getting my christmas present in the mail from my dad - Rachel, grey geese, Gus, sushi? next weekend - Hawaii - LOST, February 7th! - rainy weather, where are you?