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Happy Halloween!

I think it's funny that people say, "HAPPY Halloween!" Shouldn't it be "Spine Chilling Halloween!" or even "Bloody Halloween!" I guess the candy part makes everyone happy, until afterwards when they've gained 10 pounds and/or lost 4 teeth. This morning at work, a co-worker filled up my candy bowl with REGULAR SIZE candy bars!! Skittles, starburst, 3musketeers, and M&Ms!!! Jackpot! On another note, I decide to go ahead and buy the domain for "" So you can either change your bookmark (becuase i know there's so many of you out there who have this site bookmarked), or you can keep the old addy, and it will be redirected automatically. I'm pretty excited about it. I also added a "Subscribe" link, so please subscribe! It's a cool tool where you can keep track of what's happening on my blog as well as all of the other blogs you read all in the same place. Try it!


It was another successful Halloreunion. The cub, pup, and roo all came to stay at the cottage for a festive fall weekend getaway. This year, we ventured out in the rain to the Avila Barn to pick out our pumpkins, and take our annual family photo. Each of us found a unique pumpkin. Kara's was a red chode, Rachel found the perfect mini, Scott's was bright orange and the perfect shape for a good carve, and us goat's picked out a yellowish one to cover the fall color spectrum in our photos. Carving would not be complete without some tasty pumpkin cake, a few bevs, and some poot. Roo carved stars, Pup carved a ghost, Cub carved some bats, and Goat and Bun carved Sweet Kitty. After all the detailing and poot pictures, we cleaned up and got ready for the birthday celebration at Shins. We couldn't do Sake BOMBS! but we managed to have some fun anyway with our chum sake, and mickey mouse birthday dessert. After dinner, we crammed into a nearby apartment where we sipped strange

Decade of Difference

As most of you know, my boyfriend is nearly a decade older than me. Although our maturity levels are about equal, there is a noticeable difference between who we are and how we look at life. The biggest difference is how we relate to our parents. I am very close with my mom. I talk with her almost every day, sometimes twice a day. Stephen talks to his parents about once a month, and never reveals anything about his life to them. He told them he was dating me, the day before they actually met me (7 months after we've been together). This is neither good or bad, it's just the way it happens to be once you've been out of your parents house for 17 years. Another age related difference is the stories. OH man, Steve has some great stories. He has lived like 5 lives, and I have lived one, single, dull, boring, pathetic life! He grew up in a small mountain town, graduated highschool and joined the army, lived in Texas, Alabama, and Korea while in the army, finished the army and mo

Scruffy Love

Andrew Molera State Park - Big Sur

change your name, change your life!

So I am thinking about changing the addy for my blog to something better. Don't worry, it will automatically re-direct you to the new address if you have this blog linked somewhere. But, I am trying to think of a catchy, simple, clever, memorable blog title. So far I only have: get it?? Anyway, please send me your thoughts and creativity! I am purchasing this domain, so I want it to be good!!! Thanks!

I KNOW I Can Dance!

I never realized how much I really missed dancing until I joined the gym. The dance class is relatively basic, but I get to move, shake, and shimmee my way through an hour of non-stop fun. I love being in my own little world, doing something that is not only healthy, but puts me in a really fantastic mood! It's amazing how just an hour of chassé , pas de bourrée , pirouettes, chaînés tournes, kicks, ball-changes, cha cha's, and stretches can get rid of stress, worry, fatigue, and feeling like a complete blob. So, if anyone who is a member of Kennedy and wants a gym buddy, email me and I can tell you when I'm there.

National Fire Prevention Week (click)

National Fire Prevention week starts October 7th through the 13th. The theme this year is "Practice your escape plan" so take a couple of minutes to look around your home or workplace and find the nearest exit. I always think about the ONE thing I would grab on the way out of my house if there was a fire. MY COMPUTER! :) The San Luis Obispo Fire Dept, is holding it's annual Open House on Saturday, October 13th from 10-3, so take your little kid/brother/sister/niece/nephew/babysittee to this event so they can sit in the fire truck! :) Okay, so now you all get a glimpse into my worklife. I think about safety, health, fire, hazards, exposure, cuts, spills, burns, regulations, inspections, training, flu shots, blood drives, all freaking day long, every day! Yeah, it's a relatively easy job, but it is also very important and at times, scary! You'd think I'd be a stresscase by now! Speaking of fires, I am going camping this weekend and I plan on making a lovely ca