Monday, October 29, 2007


It was another successful Halloreunion. The cub, pup, and roo all came to stay at the cottage for a festive fall weekend getaway. This year, we ventured out in the rain to the Avila Barn to pick out our pumpkins, and take our annual family photo. Each of us found a unique pumpkin. Kara's was a red chode, Rachel found the perfect mini, Scott's was bright orange and the perfect shape for a good carve, and us goat's picked out a yellowish one to cover the fall color spectrum in our photos. Carving would not be complete without some tasty pumpkin cake, a few bevs, and some poot. Roo carved stars, Pup carved a ghost, Cub carved some bats, and Goat and Bun carved Sweet Kitty.

After all the detailing and poot pictures, we cleaned up and got ready for the birthday celebration at Shins. We couldn't do Sake BOMBS! but we managed to have some fun anyway with our chum sake, and mickey mouse birthday dessert. After dinner, we crammed into a nearby apartment where we sipped strange Dr. Pepper bevs. Black Sheep welcomed us with open arms, but Kara's Dirty Martini combined with sushi gave her a belly ache. Rachel sobered up quickly, and Steve got his beer spilled on his crotch and almost got in a fight. We had to carry another pal home, and put her to bed. It was quite an interesting night, but a memorable one nonetheless. Sunday we Gussed, lounged, tivo'd, and laptopped until the animals had to depart.

I loved seeing my wonderful friends. They always make my heart real warm. It's nice having a few girls around the cottage to help me pick out clothes and make-up. I miss that. I miss you!

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  1. I miss you too my LOVE!!!! See you in a month for DANCE!!! Thanks for hosting the animals!



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