Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Best Thing We Ever Saw - Part 1

I left you last with the hope of hearing sweet sounds of new baby owlets. We heard the new couple roosting for about 2 weeks once they moved in. Then, after about 6 weeks, it was pretty silent and we assumed they decided the box wasn't fit for their home, and we were actually pretty mad since they did so much harm to get the box in the first place. Well, it took awhile, but to our delight and surprise, after about 8 weeks we finally heard the subtle chirping of babies in the box, freshly hatched! So once again we listened each night as the chirps became more distinct and loud, and as we perked our ears we also held our breath and crossed our fingers. These little ones would survive. They had to!

But, summer was ramping up, and being a little late in the season for owlets, we were worried about their health and well-being under the relentless hot afternoon sun. With temperatures reaching 100 degrees, Steve took action and bought some insulation to install on top of the box. We waited until mom left the box on her first evening flight and we knew we had to move quickly before she came back. We hoisted the ladder up and the moment Steve took one step up the ladder, both mom and dad were right over our heads yelling out, super mad that we were near their kids. Steve looked inside the box and saw 5 babies huddled together in one giant ball of pink. I could hear them hissing at him as he peered inside. I frantically told him to hurry up so we could get out of there before we pissed off the parents too bad. He finished the job and we ran back, just before mama scratched our eyes out.

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