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The Best Thing We Ever Saw - Final Chapter

To bring you up to speed, in 2018 a pair of barn owls moved into our owl box in our backyard in Arroyo Grande, California. I documented the activity and you can read the previous posts here: Part 5 - Flappy takes flight Part 4 - The baby fluff fades Part 3 - the owlets appear at the box door Part 2 - the babies squeal with delight Part 1 - Baby owlets are born Today's post is the final chapter of that first year. Another pair (or maybe one of the 2018 crew) raised their young again in 2019. I'll share another post with pictures from 2019 to follow. Flappy was the first owlet to fledge so in my last story he had just made his first few flights while his brothers watched eagerly from the door.  July 31 Flappy emerges early and jumps out of the box right away, landing straight on the willow. Then he makes a risky attempt and flies clear across the yard to try to land on a wire. He misses and falls to the ground. In defeat, he hops over to Steve’s work table for a rest. From there,