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Non-Stop Action

I've been so busy this week with work that all I've wanted to do when I get back to the hotel is watch a little tv, surf the internet, and sleep. We leave at 3:30am, drive an hour and a half to Milkwaukee, fly to Phoenix, and then finally home at noon. I have a DMV appointment at 2:00, and then we hit the road for Tahoe. Phew, I'm going to be so exhausted by Monday. I promise I will post some more when I get back from Tahoe - John Mayer concert, before and after condo shots, and labor day weekend fun. Have a wonderful three-day weekend!! Summer is almost over, boo hoo! Thanks for voting in my latest poll, by the way. All THREE of you. Come on people, participate! Looks like we are going to the Beatles Tribute concert and then probably roaming around the casinos. Sunday, we might visit some beaches. Who suggested we go to the KISS concert anyway? Huh? Fess up! :)

Thirty FIVE

Today is my true love's 35th birthday. (Yeah, I know what you're thinking!) Anyway, I got him a card before I left for him to open when he woke up today since I wouldn't be there. The point of the card was to lead him on a scavenger hunt to find his present. It was the only way I could think of to surprise him with solo birthday fun. The card instructed him to go to the spare pillows in the linen closet to find his next clue. I used sticky name-tags (the ones that say HELLO!) to write the clues that would eventually lead to the prize. The linen closet clue read, "hi sweetie! Sorry there's nothing here, but go to the highest cupboard in the kitchen"...which led to, "dear Billy, you're almost there, but first you have to go to the pantry and find Rachael Ray." In the pantry he had to find the bottle of Rachael Ray's EVOO, and on the back of it was the next hint, "Oops! Nothing here either! You better go do some laundry instead". The

Pop Deluxe!

About to go to the coolest shop ever in downtown Madison. Pop Deluxe! Have I already told you about this store? I feel like I have, but that's because it's the greatest store ever.

Quick Update

We finished painting the living room/dining room finally! I've started washing all the dishes and loading up the cupboards. Tomorrow we finish bringing the furniture in and unpacking boxes. We have one dilemma: What type of bed should be put in the office? There's not really much room for my full bed in there, so I was thinking of a daybed instead. We also have a futon that is semi-comfortable. Should we do the daybed, futon, or squeeze the full bed? My vote is daybed, but then we really don't have a place for the futon. GRR! Monday morning I am flying to Wisconsin for work. I'll have internet access in my hotel room, so I will be keeping you updated then...maybe posting more condo pictures. I will be there until Friday, then Steve and I are going to Lake Tahoe to visit my dad for Labor Day weekend. Time to go order a pizza and relax this aching back!

Fingerpaint GREEN

We finally started painting the living room last night. We picked out a color called "Wreath of Green". On the color swatch, it was a dark forest green. We were going to go even darker with a deep dark pine green, but decided we needed a little bit of brightness to it. Originally, I wanted to do an olive/sage green, but Steve said it reminded him of the army so he quickly vetoed that idea. Anyway, with the first brushstroke onto the white wall, that little bit of brightness turned into a LOT! of horrifying brightness. We called it " Pre-school green " and then as we brushed it along, it resembled "fingerpaint green " - you know, like when the crazy 5 year-old pointer finger is going nuts all over the white paper? That's what we had on our walls. At first, we talked ourselves into how "fun" and "wild" it would be (denial!) Then we sorta panicked and crossed our fingers that we would "get used to it". But, then, the more

This is what happens when Rachel is Bored...

Rachel Cubbers Jaime with better eyeballs

This is what happens when I'm bored at work...



Last night, I stopped in at the Circle K Mini-Mart near my house for a couple of ice cold bevs. In line in front of me were two women with a little girl (about age 7) trying to buy a pack of cigarettes and a gatorade. They had a $5 bill and a credit card. The total bill came to about $6.50. The woman swiped her card, but to her dismay and confusion, the card was declined. The mini-mart worker asked her to swipe it again. Still declined. The two women looked at each other, shrugged, and said, "well, I guess we'll have to keep the cigarettes and put back the gatorade." One lady snatched the gatorade bottle out of the little girl's hands who looked up at her mom with complete sadness and horror, and pleaded, "why do I have to put it back?!" Well, little girl, it's because your mom is a total white-trash scumbag who doesn't have enough money to feed her meth addiction, and is in desperate need of a cigarette to hold her over while she scours the entire

"Remodel" Update

Yes, we are STILL painting. Still painting the upstairs. What's taking us so long, you ask? Well, a few minor things: Both S and I are perfectionists. Each line has to be perfect, there can't be any missed spots larger than a pin head, no smudges allowed on the baseboards, and definitely touch-ups during the daylight since we only paint at night. These rooms are pretty big, so taping every inch of baseboard, ceiling, and window is a chore in and of itself. Not only are we painting, but we are cleaning up years of filth. Wiping every baseboard, door, doorframe, closet shelf, light fixture (there's bugs in them!!), window sills, blinds (I don't think they've EVER been dusted), etc. See example of the filth passed down to us: It's been a week and a half since we first unloaded the Uhaul and Sunday night was the first night we slept in a real bed. Last night we painted both bathrooms, tonight we're prepping the upstairs hallway, touching up the

Should Marigolds Blossom in the Bedroom?

Here is a snapshot of our latest creation. Last night we finished this bedroom off with a bright yellow wall. In theory it sounded like a good idea. Dark grey and dark yellow go great together. In fact, it really does look pretty awesome. But here's my concern...this is going to be our bedroom. Do we really want an insanely bright wall? Or would we be better off with all grey, so that the bedroom is dark, cozy, and mellow? I'm thinking the latter, but that means we have to paint over the Marigold Blossom which means yet another night of work, and another day further away from moving furniture in. What do you think? Should we keep the Marigold or paint over it with more grey??

Painting does weird things to your brain

After crawling into bed at midnight... Me: "Did you ever eat that burrito?" Steve: "I don't know what you're talking about." Me: "Dinner. What did you have for dinner?" Steve: "That frozen burrito" Me: "Right. So remember you heated it up and then left it to cool?" Steve: "Oh yeah, I devoured that thing so fast" Me: "Oh okay, because I never even saw you go back and eat it." Steve: "Hmm...actually, maybe I didn't eat it. I don't remember now." Me: "It's probably still sitting on the counter" Steve: "Yeah, whatever. I'm over it. Goodnight"

My Best Friend is a GENIUS!

My best friend Heather just launched her Hippie Sack business. With her own two hands, she created all kinds of neat handbags and beach bags that are colorful, lovely, and very functional!! With scraps of fabric she found from all over Hawaii, she has managed to put together the most beautiful collection of bags. Go take a look at her website, HippieSacksHawaii . If you want to order one, email her at Heather, you're so talented!! I can't wait until I get my very own hippie sack in the mail! :)

And Then We Dreamt of Paint

I wish I could say that we're all moved in to our condo, having fun decorating and arranging all of our furniture, and back to cooking gourmet meals, but unfortunately the only three pieces of property inside the place are two bikes and a futon. Last Friday at noon, we arrived to find the carpet installers busy at work, just getting started on re-carpeting the condo. As awesome as it was to be getting new carpet, we were a bit annoyed that this meant a delay unloading the Uhaul. Time was of the essence because the Uhaul renter called saying he needed the truck back by 5pm. We gave the carpet company another hour before we asked if we could park our moving truck where there's was in front of the garage and start unloading. By this point, I was pumped to start getting our stuff out of the cramped truck and into the ever-so-tiny garage...I just wanted to make SOME progress. By 3:00, Steve and I managed to get EVERYTHING out of the Uhaul. Even the washer and dryer and the

Mother is Always Right

When I told my mom we were staying one night at Motel 6 before the move, she gasped in horror! We tried booking a night at Apple Farm but it was $179! Motel 6 for $50! We arrived after work and our non-smoking room smelled like an ashtray, so I asked if we could move. After a bit of hesitation, we were moved and the second room was a bit better, but still pretty nasty. The tv was from the 70's, greasy remote and all, but luckily the picture wasn't as fuzzy as the one in our first room. I ordered wireless internet for $3.99 and I spent an hour trying to connect and it never worked. The ONLY thing that saved my sanity was So You Think You Can Dance. I am never going to stay at Motel 6 again! YUCK! Let's hope we get things moved in today so that I have a real bed to sleep in tonight. Moving-in starts in 47 minutes!! Wish me luck!