Tuesday, August 05, 2008

And Then We Dreamt of Paint

I wish I could say that we're all moved in to our condo, having fun decorating and arranging all of our furniture, and back to cooking gourmet meals, but unfortunately the only three pieces of property inside the place are two bikes and a futon.

Last Friday at noon, we arrived to find the carpet installers busy at work, just getting started on re-carpeting the condo. As awesome as it was to be getting new carpet, we were a bit annoyed that this meant a delay unloading the Uhaul. Time was of the essence because the Uhaul renter called saying he needed the truck back by 5pm.

We gave the carpet company another hour before we asked if we could park our moving truck where there's was in front of the garage and start unloading. By this point, I was pumped to start getting our stuff out of the cramped truck and into the ever-so-tiny garage...I just wanted to make SOME progress.

By 3:00, Steve and I managed to get EVERYTHING out of the Uhaul. Even the washer and dryer and the 40,000 pound tv. Must be all that spinach I've been eating because I really didn't think I would be able to be of ANY help, let alone help carry our monstrous furniture. You should have seen the look on Steve's face as I lifted my end of the dense leather couch with such ease and grace. He kept telling me how proud and amazed he was. Go me!!!!!

With the first hurdle behind us, we returned the Uhaul, chugged ice cold bevs, and returned to the condo to inspect what was to be our new home. To our dismay, the place was absolutely disgustingly dirty. The previous tenants didn't bother with cleaning...not even the toilets. I thought my toilet was dirty but these were nauseating. I imagined what their moms would think, or even what my mom would say. Before I had the studio cleaned my mom made me clean my toilet, saying it would be embarrasing to have such a dirty toilet for the cleaning lady. How can someone have the audacity to leave such filth in their wake?

Long story short, we called the property manager and demanded cleaning asap. He sent over two craggy college guys (Steve swears one of them was a 40 year old meth addict), but they looked young and harmless to me. They cleaned for about an hour and said they'd come back in the morning to finish. They never came back.

So, here we are: Saturday afternoon, half clean condo, new carpet bits scattered everywhere, boogers on the walls, an annoying alarm sensor that beeps everytime you take a step, and nothing to eat. The property managment is closed for the weekend and we still don't want to move stuff in until it's properly cleaned. ROAR!!!

Steve got a hold of the property manager on Monday and he said he would have the cleaners call to arrange a time to come back (Yeah right!) but he did say we could paint and they would pay for it!!! Let me tell you - we're going all out on this one!!

We decided to paint our bedroom dark grey - and have done so, leaving one white wall. We may or may not paint that white wall yellow, but the grey looks awesome! The guest room/office is going to be brown, the living room olive green, and the bathrooms taupe. We painted last night from 7:00-11:30 and fell to the floor exhausted, but we're doing it all over tonight, and tomorrow night, and probably for the next week! Phew, what did we get ourselves into?!

We are so excited to make this place our own. Steve said we're going to be here for a few years, so we might as well make it comfortable and fun. I can't wait for you all to come visit and see what we've done. I am going to try to take before and after photos if I can find my camera before we get too far along. Look for a future post about that...
Love and miss you all!!

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