Friday, August 29, 2008

Non-Stop Action

I've been so busy this week with work that all I've wanted to do when I get back to the hotel is watch a little tv, surf the internet, and sleep. We leave at 3:30am, drive an hour and a half to Milkwaukee, fly to Phoenix, and then finally home at noon. I have a DMV appointment at 2:00, and then we hit the road for Tahoe. Phew, I'm going to be so exhausted by Monday.

I promise I will post some more when I get back from Tahoe - John Mayer concert, before and after condo shots, and labor day weekend fun. Have a wonderful three-day weekend!! Summer is almost over, boo hoo!

Thanks for voting in my latest poll, by the way. All THREE of you. Come on people, participate! Looks like we are going to the Beatles Tribute concert and then probably roaming around the casinos. Sunday, we might visit some beaches. Who suggested we go to the KISS concert anyway? Huh? Fess up! :)

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