Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Slow Going

I officially get the internet on Sunday, September 14th. Hopefully I get cable starting this Saturday, but I am not going to hold my breath. I have spent more cell phone minutes on the phone with Charter than with my mom this month, and I usually talk to my mom a LOT. In fact, she is probably wondering why I haven't had much time to chat lately - well, Mom, it's because I'm always on the phone with god damn Charter. I wish I could live without tv and internet - which I have for over a month now - but Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill are calling my name, LOUDLY, and I simply cannot go another week without the very latest in high school drama.

My life is pretty much insane right now. I am flying back to Madison on Monday (which is a WHOLE different story) and coming home Friday, then driving to Stockton for a wedding on Saturday and staying the night. We are still spending evenings unpacking boxes, moving furniture around, and trying to get to the point where we can finally come home from work and lay down in front of the tv for 5 minutes. I can't remember what that even feels like.

The good news is we managed to get half month's rent off from last month's debacle, which means we've only had to pay $2200 for two month's rent, which is a pretty damn good deal!! FINALLY something good is happening. Other than that, our condo is going to be so freaking awesome when it's completed. You MUST come visit and see for yourself.

I am still promising to post pictures but I am waiting until the rooms are decorated. John Mayer and Labor Day will probably happen while I'm in Madison - trust me - I haven't forgotten!

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  1. American TV too, and I didn't even watch it that much. I especially miss Dirty Jobs and Scrubs.


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