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During a very enthusiastic story, my boyfriend spit a tonsil stone directly into my eyeball...from 4 feet away. Let me go vomit now.


I am not happy unless it is raining, God Damnit! I came to the conclusion that I really do love the rain because every time an inch of blue would emerge from the dark sky, I would become a little bit anxious and hold my breath until the blue was covered once again by the clouds. I used all of the forces in my mind to get that cloud to erase that damned colored patch, and once it finally did I could let out a sigh of relief. On Saturday when it started becoming sunny, I felt very panicked and nervous. I am not sure why this happened, but I think it's because more than anything, I LOVE staying in my pjs in bed, watching movies, and eating junk. When it is raining, you have every excuse to stay inside. When it's sunny, if you stay in bed all day, you are labeled as lazy or boring. Well, I wanted to be lazy and boring and I was horrified at the thought of actually doing something! Sometimes, I strive to do absolutely nothing, and this weekend was the perfect opporuntity until the


The video above is the trailer for the independent film, ONCE, and the music in the background is my favorite song from the film. The part where they sing this song made me cry a little, haha :) Helya introduced me to it last night and the first thing I did when I got back was buy the movie and the soundtrack. You should go rent it, NOW! It is truly "brilliant" Enjoy!!


I forgot what it was like to be so annoyed by the rain....until today when I had to walk across campus to class in a blustering storm. Since I graduated, I've learned to love the rain - I even rain dance in the cottage, yearning for thunder and lightning - anything to give me an excuse to stay inside and cuddle. Now, I spend two cold mornings a week, vulnerable to the skies above, begging, PLEASE DON'T RAIN! Other than the weather ruining my new Cal Poly experience, school is proving to be a huge blow to my ego. The professor gave us an in-class problem to work on with our peers. After reading (blankly staring) at the question for about 1 minute, the professor asked who had an answer. He didn't actually think that someone could come up with an answer in that short period of time, did he? Oh, yes he did! Nearly everyone besides me, had an answer. Ok, ok, so I'm a little slow!! My theory is that the rest of the *kids* have been in school for about three years non-stop, w

2007 Heaven

2007 was one of the best years I've had in a long time. It was the first year that I finally started feeling like a "grown-up". Thank you to everyone for coming to visit and making my life a little more interesting! Xoxo January Celebrated New Years at a fancy hotel party in San Diego, and another night at the Top of the Hyatt. Joanna came to visit and we went wine tasting all over SLO and Paso Robles. Spent a week in Honolulu, Hawaii for Heather's 23rd birthday. True Paradise with a true friend. Ended a 1.5 year relationship with Tim. Tucked my broken heart into bed and cried and cried. February Asked Stephen out for a drink (via email) - the greatest move I've ever made Spent a non-traditional Valentines day with Mark and Dobber at Marti's. (haven't been there since!) Stephen said he thought about me when he saw avocados on sale at Food-4-Less - he put one in my mailbox at work. March Girls weekend getaway in VEGAS! Ate lots of crap, made b

Guest Blogger

A Poem by an anonymous guest blogger: My heart can not chose between two The one who has my heart or the one it belongs to Continue with what I have while craving the touch of another Or throw it all away for something previously broken it two Can one forget and start off with something new Maybe the future will mend the past Maybe my heart will be complete at last Maybe my tears will dry up fast Only time will make the choice What if time leaves me all alone Makes me survive on my own Punishes me for the path I took Leaves my heart like a broken bone And only brings me sorrows and moans How do I make the right choice How do I state it with my voice How do I know this time it will be right And we won’t have to worry about any more fights I don’t want to break another heart But maybe it is time for us to part I should be on my own and now might be the time to start I’m crazy I’m not brave enough

Bling Bling

So, Steve surprised me this Christmas, and gave me a shiny, gold ring! It's dainty and delicate and PERFECT! He even guessed at the right size and it fits perfectly. No, it's not an engagement ring if that's what you're's just a lovey ring. He had me open up a few other presents like a toothbrush, sea monkeys (yes, LIVE sea monkeys!!), and a pizza cutter (hoody!), and then TA DA! out pops a cute red box with a yummy little bow. My new favorite thing! :) I LOVE SJD.