Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I forgot what it was like to be so annoyed by the rain....until today when I had to walk across campus to class in a blustering storm. Since I graduated, I've learned to love the rain - I even rain dance in the cottage, yearning for thunder and lightning - anything to give me an excuse to stay inside and cuddle. Now, I spend two cold mornings a week, vulnerable to the skies above, begging, PLEASE DON'T RAIN!

Other than the weather ruining my new Cal Poly experience, school is proving to be a huge blow to my ego. The professor gave us an in-class problem to work on with our peers. After reading (blankly staring) at the question for about 1 minute, the professor asked who had an answer. He didn't actually think that someone could come up with an answer in that short period of time, did he? Oh, yes he did! Nearly everyone besides me, had an answer. Ok, ok, so I'm a little slow!! My theory is that the rest of the *kids* have been in school for about three years non-stop, with 4 classes at a time, so one little problem doesn't hinder them. On the other hand, I have been out of school for two years. TWO YEARS of absolutely NO brain activity (I'm not even kidding)! So, this is why one should never go back to school after a two-year hiatus. Maybe school is a good thing - it keeps the mind young, right?? Well, it's making me feel like a complete idiot. Moral of the story: I'd rather be old and successful than young and stupid.

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