Friday, January 11, 2008

Guest Blogger

A Poem by an anonymous guest blogger:

My heart can not chose between two
The one who has my heart or the one it belongs to
Continue with what I have while craving the touch of another
Or throw it all away for something previously broken it two
Can one forget and start off with something new

Maybe the future will mend the past
Maybe my heart will be complete at last
Maybe my tears will dry up fast
Only time will make the choice

What if time leaves me all alone
Makes me survive on my own
Punishes me for the path I took
Leaves my heart like a broken bone
And only brings me sorrows and moans

How do I make the right choice
How do I state it with my voice
How do I know this time it will be right
And we won’t have to worry about any more fights

I don’t want to break another heart
But maybe it is time for us to part
I should be on my own and now might be the time to start
I’m crazy
I’m not brave enough

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