Sunday, January 06, 2019

The Best Thing We Ever Saw - Part 5

On July 30th, FINALLY, after a few paces in front of the doorway, Flappy takes flight! He pushes his body out of the opening and falls, kerplunk, into the willow tree 3 feet away. Flappy's brothers are going nuts from the box. All we can see is a mass of white fluff at the door, screaming and squawking with amazement and glee at their big brother's big life event.

We look to Flappy who is still a little stunned at the reality that he is now OUTSIDE of the box! Finally, Flappy finds his way upright in the willow and climbs to the top of the tree and finally has the freedom for the first time in his little life, to flap his gorgeous, expansive wings. 

After a few minutes of flapping and resting, he builds up the courage to try to go back to the box. He hesitates, jumps, and gets stuck at the window, not sure how to squeeze his big wings back in through the hole. His buddy Pally is blocking his way and is too excited to realize he needs to move so that Flappy can get in. Instead, he just gives his brother kisses and love pecks while Flappy is hanging on to the side of the box with no where to go. He finally finds the perch and lifts himself up and after that moment of panic, takes a breath. Pally and Squeaky give him kisses from inside the box and continue squealing with so many questions! 

From the perch, Flappy is still trying to figure out how to get back in and decides to flap back to the willow. He turns around and steadies himself, ready to jump and flap with more confidence. He does two big flaps and this time lifts up and lands on top of the box! Now Flappy is on solid ground AND has space to practice his moves. He dances, jumps, flaps, and looks around at this whole new world. With each jump he lifts his talons higher and higher in the air, jumping back and forth across the box, and bobbing and weaving his head from side to side as if in celebration of this huge achievement. 

Not sure yet how to slip into the box from the top, Flappy hops back to willow again. Then, after a few minutes gets brave and jumps to the next tree! Then from even further away this time, he attempts another flight back to the box, once again struggling to get in with his siblings in the way! They finally give him space and he crams through the opening...home at last. What a day!!!

7:15am - Flappy and Pally sleeping

8:30pm - Flappy made it back home, and is very tired after his first flight!

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