Sunday, November 11, 2018

The Best Thing We Ever Saw - Part 3

Night after night we heard the squawks and squeals from the box and we knew they were getting fed and growing rapidly.

One early morning in July, as I got out of bed, I glanced out our bedroom window and I swear I saw a white blur in the owl box. 

I rubbed my sleepy eyes and grabbed for my glasses. Yes! There was a creature sitting there! I ran for the binoculars and with great delight, I saw a sweet little furry baby peeking out at me.

That evening, Steve and I cozied up on our makeshift bed, waiting to be entertained by our furry friends. And just before dark, the babies made their way back in front of the door, two this time, shy but oh so curious about the vast world beyond their tiny cubed home.

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