Sunday, June 09, 2013

How to drink consecutively for two days when you are 30

One of the major perks of bachelorette parties when you are in your late twenties/early thirties is that you can afford to share a hotel room with a reasonable number of people instead of cramming 10 girls into one room. The downside? How the hell am I going to drink two nights in a row with a full day of beer tasting in between? Good question, right?! I can barely drink one glass of wine without passing out. But with a lot of water, some dancing, and late-night pizza, I survived.

The first night of Shannon's San Fran bachelorette party, we arrived limo-style to a night club called Asia SF which is known for its tranny entertainment. We divided into teams for an all-night scavenger hunt, having to do embarrassing things like kissing bald men's heads and pinching boys booties. And the highlight - Joanna's flip on the stripper pole to win us some free drinks. Yay.

Shannon is a HUGE Giants fan so Saturday was beer-tasting in Giant's t-shirts. We were all given a "role" and had to abide by rules all day otherwise we had to do dares. My role was to get a guy to buy Shannon a beer at each place and make sure she looked good at all times. This game was hilarious and super fun and I give the MOH the biggest props ever for being so creative and clever!  

The last night was 20's themed to match the first bar, Bourbon and Branch. I've always wanted to go to this bar because it follows all of the rules of a historic "Speakeasy" from the Prohibition era where consumption of alcohol was outlawed. We even needed a secret password to get in the door.  How cool. They are also known to have the most delicious drinks ever. We all dressed in bright colors and Shannon was in white. Everyone wore cute feathers in their hair and pearls to fit the theme. Best theme ever.

We spent the majority of the night at a famous Giants pub, Lefty O'Doul's, where we found a Bachelor party who provided plenty of entertainment and added to our mayhem. Our pink mustaches were a hit and our fake pink coins made for a lot of laughs. 

I'll leave it up to the photos to tell the rest of the story.

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