Sunday, May 05, 2013

Soothing Green Tea

So April has come and gone and you've probably realized I still haven't wrapped up our bathroom remodel story with a celebratory completion post. That's because we aren't quite done. Hang in there! We had a little bit of a delay when we realized that the sink we purchased was a bit too big. I had to take it back, re-order a smaller one and wait about a week to get back on track. 

The good news is that the colors we chose came together perfectly. The "heavy cream" looked yellowish at first, but we now realize that was only because it was directly next to stark white primer. After we finished two walls and the ceiling with the heavy cream, we knew we made the right choice. The whole bathroom is bright, inviting, and soothing. 

Our vanity is exactly what I envisioned in my head. I love the color and drawer detail. We chose birch wood with an espresso finish, in a "shaker" type of design. The drawers are maple with dove-tail construction, much nicer quality than the plywood and veneer finishing on some of the vanities you might see at Home Depot.

Steve had to make the base top and install the new sink before the concrete guy could come measure for the actual countertop. 

He also installed the new light fixture (which arrived with a cracked shade, argh!!) 

This weekend Steve has been putting up the tile trim (crown molding and side trim) in the shower while we wait for our concrete countertop to arrive. It should be here sometime this week! Then we finally seal the tile in the shower, install baseboards, install toilet, hang the mirror, install fixtures and accessories, and put in a new door. Shit, that sounds like a lot.

I've learned my lesson and I am not going to say when I think we will be completely done. But, I will say that a bath with candles and champagne would be the best anniversary gift ever! ;)

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