Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Four Months Until "I Do"!!

January has been a good month for wedding planning. I've checked a lot of things off of my to-do list and still going!! It has been really difficult to make some decisions, but I am trying to keep the mood light and not get too overwhelmed. Thanks to an amazing weekend with my maid of honor, complete with yummy food, a massage and hot tubbing, I am refreshed and ready to get on with planning the details for the day and all of the events leading up to it!

We have most of our vendors booked:
And some other fun things:
  • Picked up Steve's ring!
  • Helya has started planning the Bachelorette Party
  • I got some lovely little flats for dancing at the reception
  • My mom is coming this weekend and we're going to start working on our centerpieces - twine covered wine bottles. You'll have to wait and see the finished product!
  • The next phase of the invitations should be ready this weekend and then hopefully we can start printing and assembling!
  • Steve gets fitted for his suit on Friday
  • We're ordering the favors this week - time to start nourishing our living gifts!
  • My mom and I are meeting with the coordinator at Edna this week to discuss details about tenting, tables, linens, lighting, and on and on and on....
  • We're also going to meet with the baker to pick out cupcake flavors and decor
  • At the end of February I'm going to get my dress altered - but it's a big secret what it will look like in the end! :)
Are you sick of hearing about my wedding yet?! ;)

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  1. Anonymous1:29 PM

    The florist and the photographer have amazing web sites - I am so looking forward to your gorgeous day!



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