Sunday, February 07, 2010

Drip Drip

While Helya was here a few weeks ago, I decided we were in dire need of pampering and stress relief, so we went to Sycamore Mineral Springs for a soak in the hot tub and a one-hour massage. Unfortunately for me, I started feeling sick that day so I popped a bunch of DayQuil and stuffed my robe full of tissues. So there I was, robe-less and face down on a table with my arms pinned down by my sides underneath several layers of sheets while my precious kleenex were hidden away deep inside my robe across the room. For the first 10 minutes of the massage I was feeling great - relaxed, calm and peaceful. That's when the DayQuil started to wear off and my nose started to run. It wasn't a steady stream of snot where you have to wipe your nose every second, but it was the excruciating kind of runny nose - a tickly stubborn dribble that shakes hands with every single nose hair.

Now, instead of enjoying my massage, I could only concentrate on how to avoid dripping on the masseuse's shoe underneath me. How embarrasing would that be if all of a sudden, SPLAT! an AUDIBLE booger droplet landed on her shoe and she had to wipe it off mid-massage!? Would she even continue with the massage? I wouldn't if I were her. So I HAD to improvise. I moved my face just enough to the side so that I got a little wipe on the sheet covering face rest. I had to do this three times over about 10 minutes and she must have noticed because she asked if my head position was uncomfortable. I lied and told her no! I just had a hair in my face. She bought it! Luckily, for the second half of the massage I was face up so now gravity was in my favor. But ew. Boogs in the throat wasn't any better.

Advice: If you have are feeling ill, and you have a massage appointment, stuff your nostrils with tissue before you lie down. There's nothing worse than paying good money to worry about snot.

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