Wednesday, February 22, 2006

"Don't wake me...

...I plan on sleeping in." I think The Postal Service wrote that song just for me. I love to sleep. Today (Wednesday) was the first day since Friday that I've had to be up early for work. So, all weekend I've enjoyed harmonious sleep. "Sleeping in" to me requires that I sleep past 9:00, but usually when I have the opportunity, I sleep as late as possible. Saturday I slept in til 11, Sunday till noon, and Monday till 1. Notice a trend? :) I love my life. Monday was amazing because I didn't have work (thank you Mr. President) so I stayed in my pajamas all day watching Nip/Tuck season 1, playing on my new ibook, and eating yummy food with Timo. He surprised me with these really pretty earrings that I told him I liked in a magazine a few weeks ago. It's thoughtful things like this that make me like him so much.

For Valentines Day he had me over to his house, and he answered the door dressed up in a shirt and tie, with candles lit all over his apartment. He was cooking dinner, and had the table set, and offered me some wine. It was the cutest thing ever. No one has ever put so much effort into making a sweet Vday for me. Thanks Tim! This weekend should be pretty fun. Sejal is coming from San Jose, and we always have a great time going out with her. Tim also might be having a friend come visit, this time a better one ;) It's Mardi Gras, so we are going downtown to show our boobies...just kidding. Mardi Gras 2003 is when Helya first corrupted me...but that's a good thing because I was a lame-ass prude. Thanks to her I am no longer with Adam (woot!), and I enjoy being social with my friends! She's my hero. So, it's our anniversary, and we are going to break out the vodka and skittles with a side of hookah. Friday will be just what I need after last weekend's debaucle.

My favorite things right now:
  • Starbucks Hazelnut Mochas
  • Tim's down comforter
  • My new earrings
  • Cuddling with Rachel while watching Grey's Anatomy
  • Nip/Tuck
  • my ibook
  • my future wedding dress
  • listening to Tim talk (Crazy!!)
  • sleeping in


  1. Anonymous1:55 AM

    hey!! my Grey's Anatomy made your list but not me?! I'm taking back my DVDs immediately, if not sooner!!

  2. Anonymous3:57 PM

    thats better :) I CANNOT WAIT FOR TOMORROW!!

  3. Anonymous11:37 PM

    good job timmy -


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