Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Space Between

I also love Dave Matthews. I wish I wrote this song.
Does anyone know if it's possible to link to a song from
this blog so that people can hear it as they read this?
If not, go to MYSPACE and listen...
You cannot quit me so quickly
There's no hope in you for me 
No corner you could squeeze me 
But I got all the time for you, love

The Space Between 
The tears we cry 
Is the laughter keeps us coming back for more
The Space Between 
The wicked lies we tell 
And hope to keep safe from the pain

But will I hold you again?
These fickle, fuddled words confuse me
Like 'Will it rain today?'
Waste the hours with talking, talking 
These twisted games we're playing

We're strange allies
With warring hearts 
What wild-eyed beast you be
The Space Between
The wicked lies we tell
And hope to keep safe from the pain

Will I hold you again?
Will I hold...

Look at us spinning out in
The madness of a roller coaster 
You know you went off like a devil 
In a church in the middle of a crowded room 
All we can do, my love
Is hope we don't take this ship down

The Space Between 
Where you're smiling high
Is where you'll find me if I get to go
The Space Between
The bullets in our firefight
Is where I'll be hiding, waiting for you 
The rain that falls 
Splash in your heart
 Ran like sadness down the window into...

The Space Between 
Our wicked lies 
Is where we hope to keep safe from pain
Take my hand 
'Cause we're walking out of here
Oh, right out of here 
Love is all we need here

The Space Between 
What's wrong and right 
Is where you'll find me hiding, waiting for you 
The Space Between
 Your heart and mine 
Is the space we'll fill with time 
The Space Between...

I get goosebumps...


  1. Here ya go Jaim.

    How have you been? Dr. Schoonover and I were just talking about how we haven't seen/talked to you much lately. He said you kinda dropped off the face of the planet. You should give him a visit =]

  2. Thanks Jess!!! You're the best! He fell off the face of the planet too, cuz I email him and I get no replies :( Boo! I'm almost done with my senior project so I'll see him soon. I miss YOU still making you dinner, promise.

  3. Anonymous11:38 PM

    your senior project?? i thought you were done with school

  4. I am besides that. ROAR.


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