Friday, March 10, 2006

Nothing Worse

There's nothing worse than coffee breath. EWW! I drank two hazelnut mocha's this morning and now my mouth tastes like shit. I am afraid for those who have to talk to me (stay away!). I can't wait to go home and brush my teeth. SHIT! My toothbrush is still in Atascadero! Okay, new rule: There's nothing worse than having bad coffee breath and no toothbrush. :(

There's nothing better than a big, juicy In and Out cheeseburger (purchased from a DRIVE THRU!!!!). I had the luxury of enjoying one last night while I was up in Atascadero housesitting. I devoured that sucker. I plan on having another one sometime this weekend.

BTW, T-5 days until I hear from NYU. (I'm not getting in.)

Failure to Launch tomorrow! Can't wait. So excited. MM and SJP rock my world. (Especially combined with a bit of Helya and Rachel)

P.S. Don't use this new (worthless) blog as an excuse not to respond to my last one--it is more important. Do it!

Peace out Nucca.


  1. You ARE getting in. You're FRIENDS with the program director.

  2. Stop saying you won't get in! You'll so get in.

  3. Oopsy..NYU letters will begin to be mailed March it will be a few more days....but I did get the addy changed to mine, and not Vacaville, so that I can rip open that sucker with vigor.

  4. How could you not get in...???

  5. Letters will BEGIN to be SENT March 15. Today is March 15...mail isn't that quick. But trust me, I will post as soon as I know!


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