Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bang Bang

The best part about my parents moving away from my "hometown" of Vacaville is that I get to visit really awesome cities like Seattle! I spent Labor Day weekend in the City of Flowers (how lucky their state flower is the Dahlia! One of my faves!) This was my first trip to the city where I wasn't running from the car to escape the rain, or seeking shelter under storefront awnings, or covering my surgical boot with plastic to protect it from the storm. Seattle looks a lot different out from under an umbrella. And let me tell you that September is the perfect time to visit - I soaked up four rare sunny Seattle days and loved every minute.

Another first - a trip out to the shooting range to shoot clays with my fam. I have never even held a shot gun before and had NO idea what I was doing, but with a little practice and some good pointers, I managed to hit 4 or 5 clay targets. The boys were insanely good at shooting and hit almost every single shot - including pairs and report pairs (one shot right after the other) and rabbits. But, my mom was the true champ with 100% accuracy! What a natural! Phil better lookout - he might have some competition! ;)

Another cool thing about shooting was that I got a peek into my brother's job - he drives around and refills the clay machines at the shooting range in Montana.  Coolest part about hanging out a sporting clay range? Riding around in the Ranger from station to station. Think golf cart on steroids. I want one to deliver sweet drinks to Steve in the yard.

I was pleasantly surprised at how fun shooting is and thankful to have shared in one of my BONUS-Dad's favorite hobbies. Steve is pretty stoked that I tried it and we have big plans to go shooting together locally. Aw, so sweet, I know. 

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  1. Anonymous11:39 PM

    Im so glad you got to see how great the city is covered in sunshine....We are going to miss it here:( I'm also glad you also got to experience the whole shooting frenzy...I think I look pretty "sexy" holding a gun:)...Bring Steve next time!


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