Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I was going through some old posts on my other blog and wanted to see what my life was like a year ago today. I was very sad then because my grandma Ladonna passed away. I remember feeling empty and speechless. I cried a lot and wished I had one more day with my beloved grandmother. Since she passed, I think about her often and imagine her telling me how proud she is and how she can't wait to give me a big hug. Her laugh echoes, and I know her spirit is always there, trying to protect me from harm and sadness. My family remembers her lovely life, and all of the wonderful things she did for everyone. We always say, 'Ladonna would LOVE this'. I miss her terribly. I miss her beautiful handwriting in the letters she'd send. I miss the softness of her sweater against my cheek as we'd hug. I miss her making green 7up on St. Patrick's day. I miss spending part of the holidays with her and making fun of my grandpa together. I miss sending her pictures and telling her all about my life. I'd like to be unselfish and stop crying about my life for a minute here, and realize that there are worse things... like living alone because your wife is no longer with you, or watching your mom suffer from a three year long illness, or being only 5 years old and losing a grandma before you really got to know her. I know one thing for certain; life was a whole lot better with her in it.

"If I could open my mouth wide enough for a marching band to march out
They would make your name sing
And bend through alleys and bounce off of the buildings"

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