Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Smile for:

  • a new haircut
  • Nine West boots
  • a clean house
  • red potatoes
  • The Bachelor (and Grey's Anatomy, Lost, 6 Degrees...etc - I am a loser)
  • spooning
  • Tim in a german hat, smoking a cigar, while double fisting pints of beer.
  • napping after work
  • decorating for Halloweener
  • lightning!
  • Helya on Friday!
  • Rach and Kara in two weeks!
  • dancing to reggae
  • Mr. 619
  • face caresses
  • costco
  • my mariner
Frown for:
  • TMJ
  • TMJ medicine that gives me chronic heartburn
  • working
  • being cold
  • dirty dishes
  • laundromats
  • waking up early
  • belly aches
  • heart ache
  • missing my mama
  • losing earrings
  • lack of stores that sell quaint undies in SLO
  • earthquakes in Hawaii scaring my Heatherbug
  • bills
  • not enough bills
  • Bills
Yearn for:
  • a massage
  • hot springs
  • Avila Barn
  • my lovelies
  • making out
  • Skyy Melon
  • vacation days
  • golden trees
  • wireless internet


  1. Wow I have TMJ too! Try (when nobodys looking)putting a wine cork in your mouth, between front teeth, longways, it actually feels really good.

    You left EAS too soon Jaims. We're going to start analyzing sex toys for thalates...I kid you not. Sampling will be rigerous and greuling but you know me, I'm an EAS team player. ;)By the way, your invided to the EAS Halloween party.

  2. I'm going to a physical therapist for my TMJ tomorrow, maybe they will be able to help me!I will have to try that wine cork thingie! thanks!

    HA are you kidding me about the sex toys?! That's hilarious. If they need any extra help you know where to find me hahaha..And YES I am coming to the Halloween party. :) I can't wait!

  3. Anonymous10:47 PM

    I have TMJ too. I was supposed to get a cortizone shot in my jaw and my doctor never called me back. Eventually, I'll have to get surgery to replace it. Ick!

    You forgot to smile about Marie Antoinette this weekend!

  4. Anonymous9:24 PM

    hahaha all those bill/Bills on the frown list made me laugh out loud

  5. I put them there for you baby.


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