Saturday, January 07, 2006

Best of 2005

I dedicate this post to the best twenty three photos of 2005. Laugh, remember, but most of all...enjoy! (click to enlarge)

*Thanks Rachel for helping me decide among our millions!


  1. Anonymous8:54 PM

    yay!!! I love this BLOG. It was hard to choose though. Next year name your blog One Hundred.

  2. Anonymous8:59 PM

    So cute;)

  3. Wow, those are cute pics. Although I can't believe Jon is flipping off the camera! I didn't even know he had middle fingers!

  4. Yes, I strangely feel honored to have been picked amongst the many.

  5. Ya I'm kinda sad that I'm not in any of those =[

  6. aww im sorry...i think you would have definitely been in some of the halloween ones with your hot outfit, but we never found each other. :( There was a macarthys one that was a close was tough!!

  7. Anonymous7:25 PM

    I am sure that if I was in a picture with you, it would be up there. nice shots though


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