Monday, January 02, 2006


Welcome to my new blog! I haven't written in a while, but I wanted to start the new year out with a fresh look, and new site! This blog is now the centerpiece for my life as a 23 year old graduate. Hopefully I will still have a life, and be able to write about some great experiences in either the working world, or in my lovely countless homework free evenings.

Just a little recap since graduation: I was forced directly into work on Monday morning after graduation weekend. From there, I worked 9 days in a row, everyone left town, and I flew home after a lonely birthday at work. LIFE SUCKED! I immediately regreted my decision to graduate!

Home was well...home, but I had a fantastic time with my mom shopping and running errands. Christmas was interesting, but least my mom didn't have to work this year. I also got sex and the city, season 6, which I finished watching today since my work was cancelled due to a power outage from the weather! WOOT!

New Years in San Francisco was fabulous! Rachel, Tim and I went down Thursday afternoon and took a gander around Golden Gate park, where we were offered some good herb several times in just a few minutes. It was rather amusing. We met up with Kara at her quaint little studio, and went out to dinner at Union Square by the big Christmas tree! We couldn't get into Cheesecake Factory (BOO!) so we went to some Diner, and then just went home. Friday, we ventured out shopping while Tim met up with a friend in Oakland. It was very rainy, but we still managed to have fun. Friday night, we got drunk around 5pm, and rode the Muni downtown, and walked a bajillion blocks to dinner at Gordon Bierch. Kara was extremely belligerant, and entertained us all. :) Afterward, we got picked up by Raul (Mr. Big's driver) and he drove us to another bar. Kara forgot her ID so they wouldn't let her in. She took a taxi home to get it, while we waited in another bar for her to return. While Kara was puking in the cab, we were losing the height of our rage (at 9pm-we are losers.) So...we walked about 30 blocks downtown to the nearest Muni, and waited about 3 years until the N train came. It was the slowest freaking train ever and stopped for 15 minutes at each stop, then broke twice, and I was freezing, wet, and I wanted to die. YAY. Saturday we slept in and then Tim and I went down to Pier 39 and had lunch at Bubba Gumps. It was tasty, and I got a photo with Forrest Gump. Remember Tim, it's not the size that matters, its how tough she is! HAHA, yay Forrest! :) Saturday night, we got fancy and took the Muni downtown to GlasKat. We got tickets for the open bar there, and had an hour to guzzle down drinks so that we wouldn't have to pay anything all night. Lucky for me, it only took 1.5 drinks to get me pretty much wasted. From then on, the pictures tell the story.

So, its back to work now. Ugg...but hey..I don't have school tomorrow, and therefore I don't have any sorrow in my pinhole. Sorry kids, let me know if you need any homework help! I'm off to the store, because I'm trying to become domestic. God, I'm old...old and FABULOUS!!!!!!!


  1. Enjoy the homework free nights while you have them. Once you start grad school (especially in P-chem!!), that'll all change :)

  2. hahahhahahahahah me starting grad school in P-chem?? You must be joking.

  3. I found your blog while surfing. I hope that you can keep up with this blog. I will be back to check.

  4. Yay! New and improved Jaim! Hope you had a wonderful new years and I'm looking forward to seeing you soon!

  5. Anonymous1:05 AM

    a girl with no regrets...good - i have no regrets either - i knew we would be friends.

    i did new years back home and got hammered at the local dive bar. it was pretty fun.

    are you 23? i am 25 now, shit


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