Friday, June 06, 2008

Tornado Warning?

As I was enjoying my one hour of internet at the Milkwaukee International Airport, someone comes on the loudspeaker, "ATTENTION EVERYONE. There is a tornado approaching, please make your way to the lobby and stay away from windows and doors." All planes are grounded. The lobby is a madhouse. I am crouched on the floor next to a sleeping lady, and a tv giving updates of the storm. says: A tornado has been sighted in your area. Please take shelter immediately!! EEEK!

My flight leaves at 5:00. Hopefully by then the storm will have passed. But, let me tell you..I have never seen such black clouds in my life. Wish me luck! Hopefully you'll hear from me again soon!

Okay, I'm back at the gate waiting to board. The skies are clear and no harm was done. Hopefully the ride won't be bumpy! I'll be in Pheonix in a couple hours....then home. PHEW!

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  1. Sorry, me again ... they had to interrupt days of our lives for that terminal evacuation. That was big news ;)

    We are all under another tornado watch, we've got winds of 70 miles per hour just one county away, I've got to shut off the computers.


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