Thursday, June 05, 2008


Made it to Madison, Wisconsin this morning. I have THE best view....old victorian buildings, Lake Mendota, and the University of Wisconsin. I took some pictures so I'll post them tonight. Right now I'm going to go out and site see while it's still daylight!


I just experienced one of the greatest big city moments ever. I started out on a walk to the Capital building and made my way to Starbucks for a yummy refreshment. I heard music nearby, so I decided to find out where it was coming from. Two blocks later, I saw a sign that said "FREE CONCERT 6-8pm" On the rooftop, overlooking the lake, was a rock band playing awesome cover songs. It was more than breathtaking. It's difficult to describe how it felt being on that terrance. I was alone, but never felt more at ease in the presence of music, beauty, warmth, amazing architecture, happiness, and friendly faces. Wonderfully lonely.

Pictures to come this weekend...

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  1. Yeah, Milwaukee ... it really is fun, isn't it? I am just an hour away in Sheboygan. Milwaukee has got to be the "fesitval capital" of the our counry!


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