Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Almost done...

I am almost finished with the seminars at the conference. I am on a two hour break right now, and I have to go back at 5:00 for one more session on "Training games and activities" Whooo! YAY work.

I went to lunch by myself at a restaurant nearby. Although quite boring, it was actually satisfying and refreshing to sit there alone in the peace and quiet. I don't know why people are so worried about going out to eat by themselves. There is absolutely nothing humiliating about it.

Anyway, my mom and aunt came along with me on this trip, and it's been non-stop fun. In between all of my seminars and classes, we've managed to do a TON of shopping, eating, and drinking. The hotel is conveniently located next to Macy's, and two blocks from a million quaint restaurants. We drove to St. Cloud yesterday to visit my Great Aunt and Uncle. They just moved into a BRAND NEW one bedroom apartment with a washer/dryer, garage, walk-in closet, dishwasher, and patio... and when I asked about the rent, I nearly dropped dead. $650 including utilities! WHY is California so much more expensive?! I know I live by the beach, and it's usually sunny and warm, but COME ON! The more I travel, the more I feel completely ripped off.

Tonight we're going out for our last dinner and packing up. I leave early tomorrow morning to drive 4.5 hours to Madison, Wisconsin.

I am so anxious to get home and enjoy the weekend in the comfort of my home and my best friend. Two more days!

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