Friday, June 20, 2008


This week has been insane in terms of the weather here in San Luis Obispo. Today, the temperature reached 107 degrees! I came down with a pretty bad cold and called in sick to work today. I stayed home until 1:00, but couldn't stand the heat any longer (95 degrees inside my cottage!), so I dragged myself to my air conditioned office.

I am so annoyed that I am sick again because I wanted to spend the weekend relaxing. It's hard to relax when you have to blow your nose every 30 seconds and you're throat is so swollen it's hard to breathe. Not to mention it's impossible to sleep since the cottage has turned into a sauna and no matter where you go, there's no escaping the scorching heat.

Other than that, I've been incredibly busy all week. Work has been nuts, and I've stayed until almost 6:00 every day. And for those of you who know me, know that I NEVER work late if I don't absolutely have to. After work on Monday I spent all evening at the laundromat (hell!) Tuesday and Wednesday I went to the gym after work for a couple of hours. Steve taught me how to use some of the weight machines at the gym, so I've started a regular workout schedule. Last night I played volleyball with co-workers until 7, walked around Farmers Market feeling like shit, and went home to bed. I think my body is telling me to SLOW DOWN and stop doing so much.

This weekend I'm going to start packing up the cottage (if temperatures allow). Steve's getting a haircut tomorrow! I can hardly wait because his hair is almost as long as mine, and he is going to look OH so handsome when he get's it trimmed up!

Going to Catalina next weekend, so there will be more pictures and fun to post then.

Thanks to everyone who voted in my poll. It's time to BARACK AND ROLL!!!! Look for more polls to come!

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