Monday, June 09, 2008

Back in Sunny California

Oh safe and sunny California, how I love thee. After a VERY bumpy landing into the San Luis airport, I made it home. HOME AT LAST! I spent all of Saturday snuggling and enjoying the warmth and sunshine of downtown SLO. Steve took me to see Sex and the City (since I have no more female friends here!) and then out to our home, Vienni Vai. Three glasses of wine later, I don't even remember crawling into bed.

Sunday, we slept in 'til 12:30 (HOORAY!) and spent a leisurely day in the grass at the park. It wasn't as peaceful as it sounds because we were surrounded by naughty kids, cussing, and picking fights with everyone around them. They peed in bushes, called a pregnant lady a fat bitch, told a woman that they didn't like her dress, and asked some mexican soccer kids if they knew how to speak English. And when the soccer ball accidentally crossed into jerk territory, they threw it into the garbage!!! I was in absolute disgust. When we stood up to leave, this little nappy-haired 12 year old girl yelled, "hey bitch! what are you doing with my boyfriend!?" Oh dear, remember those summer vacations as a pre-pubescent wanna-be punk? Yea, me neither.

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Pictures of my trip to come. PROMISE!


  1. I hate those park punks. We had some at our local park and when they were about to brawl in front of my babies I screamed at them and threatened to call the cops.

    I'm surprised they didn't just shoot me. So ghetto.

  2. I think I saw you walking with a pillow in Pacific near Nipomo on Sunday. I drove by you in my mom's car and I didn't realize it was you until late so I couldn't stop and say hello.

  3. That was me!!!!! How funny :)


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