Monday, July 04, 2011

What all this time was for

John Mayer released his debut album, Room for Squares, in September 2001, just as I was heading off to college. Since then, every time I hear "No Such Thing" on the radio, it brings back all of the memories of starting my new life in San Luis Obispo. Memories like eating dessert before dinner and how liberating that felt not having a parent around to tell me how wrong it was. Yep, I was CRAZY during my freshman year of college. LOTS of dessert before dinner. 

"No Such Thing" gives a perspective of what its like to leave the safe and sane harbors of high school and  why that first 10 years in the "real world" is where you'll become who you'll really be. The song made me question what I would be like in 10 years. Where would I be living? Would I be married? Would I be successful and enjoy my job? Would I still be friends with people from high school? And I knew that it would take 10 years in the LEAST to really figure out who I am and what my purpose is. 

Ten years later, here I am, living Arroyo Grande, married, successful and enjoying my job! As for High School, I am lucky to have some strong friendships that have made it through the 10 year long distance relationship. I am so very happy where I've ended up, and even with all of the wonderful things in my life, I know that it's still going to get even better.

And finally came the day where that John Mayer song became a reality. My 10 year high school reunion was a few weeks ago and I must say, it was fabulous! Steve, having already been to his 10 year reunion, told me that there would be some people who you didn't ever really talk to in high school but who'd be the most memorable to you at the reunion and who you'd want to spend more time talking to. This was exactly right. I really enjoyed my conversations with people who I didn't hang out with much back then and I realized that those who I may not have noticed 10 years ago, turned into incredible people! There were doctors, teachers, business people, engineers, entrepreneurs, and so many impressive people. And everyone looked great! 

I also reconnected with some friends who meant a lot to me in high school and even long before high school. Friends who were always there for me, who always lifted me up, who standout in some of my best memories of that time of my life. I cherish these friendships and the memories we all created together and I am so happy that I was able to see some of them again and learn how they are doing in their new lives. What a neat experience!! 



Jenner, me, and Catherine at Prom:

Jillian, me and Jenner now!

My dear friend Marissa, the girl who made the entire night happen!

This is how Steve always stands when we take pictures. Facing front, feet together, one arm at his side, one on my shoulder, no smile. I call this his Army pose. 

 I was so happy that my long lost friend Will decided to come last minute. He was my co-ASB president and made high school so much fun!



Making of the senior video..chemistry experiment gone wrong! 

Shortest and tallest in the class:

Highschool me:

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