Friday, July 22, 2011

I am loving the guest judges

I think the best part about this season of SYTYCD are the guest judges. I want to be BFFs with Jesse Tyler Ferguson. (If you haven't watched Modern Family, DO IT NOW and catch up before the new season starts. Best show ever.)

Caitlynn and Tadd are still two of my original favorites and I've edited my top 5 just one more time, with the addition of Ricky and the deletion of Jordan. Ricky is super cute and nerdy and his solos amaze the heck out of me. Bajillionuple pirouettes? I mean, come on! He is IN. SANE. And Jordan is OK but something about her bugs me. Maybe her face? Okay, that was mean.

And what was with Mitchell's solo costume on Wednesday night? Why did he wear a diaper? What, he figured he'd just kill two birds with one stone and shit while he danced? I don't get it and I really did not connect with him AT ALL. NT, Mitchell! (But you're probably really nice so now I feel bad!)

But really no one is standing out a TON. I am happy the All-Stars are back to give the show a little more oomph. I have a huge crush on Neil who is dancing next week which, coincidentally, is already a lucky day because my Aunt Cathy will be here and we can watch together! :)

Here are my new (sort of) top 5 favorites!

Tadd - maybe the only straight guy on the show?

Caitlynn - I want her stomach. GEEZUS!

Melanie - she is just too good to be true

Marko - but why does he always look so angry/worried/sad?

Ricky - I love you, Ricky! (and his last name is Jaime!)

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  1. helya6:44 PM

    LOVE melanie and marko...i like Tadd too


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