Thursday, July 14, 2011

Memory Maker

One of the things I like so much about Steve is that he makes things happen. If he has an idea in his head, he always figures out how to make that idea come to life. I always have big ideas but most of the time I can't get my hands to do what my brain is picturing. Steve's hands can do pretty much anything he imagines and in this case, his hands made something very special.

While we were in Hawaii, Steve found a little piece of wood from the beach where we rested after our kayak ride. I put the piece of wood in my bag and carried it all the way home without even thinking about it. When I unpacked, I put the little wooden rod on the dresser and forgot all about it. I knew Steve liked it for some reason or another, so I didn't get rid of it.

The other day, Steve comes over to me with a windchime in his hand and says, "See what I made!" And at first I didn't even recognize the wooden piece at the top and then he told me it was the piece he found in Hawaii! He had the idea to make a wind chime a long time ago and it all came together on that beach on a beautiful day in paradise.

Now, everytime I hear the lovely clinking of the chimes, I will think of our first anniversary trip and how much I love my hubs!

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